10 Best Biryani Spots in Lahore: Contact & Delivery Details

Best biryani in Lahore

Biryani is undeniably one unique cuisine that binds people from all over Pakistan together, no matter the caste or region they belong from. There is no reason people will ever want to miss a chance to have the most loved dish and they’d rather look for ways to find the best Biryani in their reach. 

Lahore is best known for its vivacious ambiance and rich culture, but most importantly Lahore is famous for the love Lahoris have for food. 

So without further ado, let’s discuss the top spots to find the best biryani in Lahore.

Best Biryani in Lahore

Here is a list of the top 10 places to find the best biryani in Lahore. 

  1. Dogar Restaurant
  2. Lazzat Kadah
  3. Biryani Hut
  4. Biryani Express
  5. The Monal Lahore
  6. Karachi Biryani
  7. Biryani King
  8. Biryani Plus
  9. Andaaz Restaurant
  10. Student Biryani Lahore

1. Dogar Restaurant

Scattered all across Lahore, Dogar Restaurant serves the best biryani in town. With more than 10 outlets associated with the restaurant as its food chain, Dogar restaurant not only offers dine-in but also opens its door to takeaway and delivery options.

In a city where most of the people go for high-end restaurants and expensive eateries, Dogar Restaurant is easy on your pocket with interestingly amazing choices in Biryani and no compromise on taste. Dogar Restaurant offers unique flavors of biryani. 

You can choose from plain biryani to spicy chicken biryani. Moreover, the restaurant gives options of a full plate and half plate to choose from. No matter what choice you make, the most important is the absolute flavorful and spicy taste of the biryani that will leave you wanting more. 

Location: Sector H DHA Phase I, Street 141, Lahore.

Contact Number: 0321-2222511

2. Lazzat Kadah

Located at the Anarkali Market in Lahore, Lazzat Kadah brings a whole new sense and taste of Biryani for you. Lazzat Kadah is best known for its unique blend of modified traditional cuisines. The restaurant uses palak and mutton to prepare the tasty dish of biryani. The combination might sound unfamiliar and simple, but with their extraordinary amazing blend of techniques to add spices and herbs and provide the right amount of flavors in the dish, biryani at Lazzat Kadah is one of its kind in Lahore. 

The restaurant also offers various other unique food options to choose from with a great presentation, servings, and cooking styles. 

Location: Gulberg III, Block A-2, Jamia Masjid Rizwan, Lahore.

Contact Number: 0300-4092840

3. Biryani Hut

Biryani Hut is situated in Gulberg, Main Blvd, Lahore. This place is a small cozy spot for friends and family that offers the finest biryani in town. Be it chicken biryani, beef biryani, or plain biryani, Biryani Hut makes sure that you are provided with the best blend of flavors. 

Along with its famous biryani, Biryani Hut is also known for providing the best BBQs in the city of Lahore.

Location: Block D-1 Gulberg III, 174 Main Blvd Gulberg III, Lahore.

Contact Number: (042) 35779574

4. Biryani Express

A hub for various types of Biryani including chicken, mutton, beef, and Royal Sindhi Biryani, the next stop that awaits you is Biryani Express. Based in Johar Town, Biryani Express is home to the right kind of ambiance for you and your family along with the perfect blend of taste in biryani. 

Biryani Express offers the best biryani in Lahore and is super affordable as well as easily accessible. There are options of dine-in, takeaway, and delivery available at this restaurant. 

Location: Block E Phase 1, Johar Town, 369 E Allah Hoo Chowk, Lahore.

Contact Number: 0323-4441023

5. The Monal Lahore

Monal is one of the finest restaurants in Lahore and is well-known for not just having the best biryani but also for being a great spot for dinner buffets in the walled city of Lahore. The meals presented here are always fresh and delivered on time. 

The Monal Lahore has a vast variety of cuisines that can be availed on dine-in and takeaway.  The roof-top restaurant in Lahore undoubtedly is the best choice for biryani.

This restaurant offers an ala carte menu with an option of individual platters, lunch, and dinner buffets. The Monal has a specialty in cuisines like Biryani, Chicken Handi, Cheese naans, and BBQs. 

Location: Liberty Chowk round-about, Gulberg III, Plaza Liberty Park and Ride Plaza, Gulberg III.

Contact Number: (042) 35789824

6. Karachi Biryani Lahore

No one ever wants to miss the chance to try the Karachi biryani for its splendid aromatic and flavorful experience of rich Sindhi scrumptious treat. Karachi Biryani delivers the best Sindhi taste enriched with flavors that will leave you wanting more. 

The best thing about Karachi Biryani is its affordable pricing. The super affordable prices of Karachi Biryani are easy on the pockets. This restaurant offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options. Their specialty is chicken biryani and they also offer special combos for you. 

Location: Commercial Area Garden Town, 22 Civic Centre, Barkat Market, Lahore.

Contact Number: (042) 35886871

7. Biryani King

The next spot on our list is the Biryani King, known for its very delightful and yummiest biryani in the walled city of Lahore. Biryani King not only delivers the traditional kind of biryani but also shares the tastes from East and West influences. It is known to provide amazing variations in the most opted dish of Biryani. 

Their prices are extremely affordable with faster service and friendly staff. Biryani King is not only an expert in offering biryani, rather you can easily find western fast foods here to choose from. 

Location: Garden Town, Barkat Market, 14-Civic Centre, Lahore. 

Contact Number: 0333-4207198

8. Biryani Plus

Biryani Plus is based in Gulberg Lahore, opposite to Hafeez Centre. This restaurant in Lahore is known for its aura and specialty in biryani, especially the Sindhi biryani. Biryani Plus offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options for its consumers.

Biryani Plus gives you the most authentic taste of Sindhi Biryani within Lahore. Their serving size for biryani is good to fill you up, topped with chutney and sided with salad. Biryani Plus gives the yummiest delight of scrumptious flavorful biryani. 

Location: Main Blvd Gulberg, Opposite Hafeez Centre, 1-B Ejaz Centre, Lahore. 

9. Andaaz Restaurant

Known for its love among people, Andaaz restaurant is one of its kind in the city of Lahore. It is commonly called “People’s place” among the people who love biryani in Pakistan. You can find biryanis of all sorts here along with the chef’s expert touch to the taste. 

Several variations from the region and the regions beyond are experimented here by the chef to bring forward a vast range of biryani for its customers. The vibe is amazing and delivers a sense of a must-visit restaurant in Lahore. The 3-min walk from the Badshahi mosque is another major reason why people love to visit this place.

Location: Shahi Mohalla, Walled City of Lahore, 2189 A Fort Rd, Lahore.

Contact Number: 0300-0263229

10. Student Biryani Lahore

Last, but apparently not the least, on our list of top 10 spots for the best biryani in Lahore is the Student Biryani. Student Biryani is one of the most known names for the best taste in biryani in Pakistan. The place is not just ideal for students or youth but also serves as an ideal choice among families. 

You can find here other delicious Pakistani cuisines as well such as seekh kabab, finger fish, reshmi kebab, BBQ, chicken nuggets, zardah, pulao, and various continental food items. 

Location: Fortress Stadium Road, Lahore.

Contact Number: 0334-9911981

Enjoy The Royal Dish of Pakistan in Lahore

When in Lahore, do as the Lahoris do. Now you can enjoy the royal dish of Pakistan, the shahi biryani, in your city of Lahore. Visit one of the above-mentioned spots for the best biryani experience in Lahore and do leave your reviews in the comment section below. 

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