10 Best Courier Services In Pakistan: Fast & Economical Deliveries

Technology advancements have unquestionably got us all together. However, now that we are always in contact with one another, we are trading presents, parcels, and even more. Furthermore, since the planet has become a multinational village, we can now buy goods from other cities and nations. These items are delivered to us through courier services. And, as a result of their growing demand, a slew of delivery services have sprouted up all over the place. So it’s definitely a good idea to know the best courier companies in Pakistan.

Best Courier Services In Pakistan

Since TCS is the only known and most famous courier service currently present in Pakistan but little did we know that there are other services also present that will do your work quickly and affordably. To save you from the research and increase your knowledge of those courier services, we are presenting you the 10 best courier services in Pakistan that you can use in any emergency.

  • Pakistan Post
  • Leopards Courier
  • TCS
  • M&P Courier
  • DHL
  • PIA SpeedeX
  • FedEx Express
  • DCS
  • PCL
  • APX

Pakistan Post

Pakistan Post is, without a doubt, the most significant. Pakistan Post, which is run by the government, is not only reliable and effective but also reasonably priced. You can deliver your parcel anywhere in Pakistan as well as internationally at a low cost. By default, if you wish to take the package overseas, you must go to one of the designated branches. Otherwise, you may visit any branch throughout the region. Furthermore, this particular courier service is available in almost every region making it the best courier service in Pakistan.

Telephone: 051-8840360

Leopards Courier

Leopards Postal Service is the only courier company in Pakistan that we now use nearly everywhere. You’ll see a bike or truck with the Leopards messenger logo imprinted at least once a week, if not every day. This is the extent to which they are all-pervasive.

Telephone: (021) 111-300-786

TCS Courier

TCS courier, like Google, has become a verb for couriering packages. We subconsciously think, “We should TCS the product even though we would use any other service,” with the assurance that our product will stay secure. That should suffice to demonstrate their dependability. Making TCS courier the safest and best courier service in Pakistan.

Telephone: 1111 23456

M&P Courier

M&P courier Pakistan is one of Pakistan’s largest international courier providers, with 500 locations that can deliver your package anywhere in the world or internationally. Ranking M&P as the most reliable courier company in Pakistan.

Telephone: 042-111-202-202

DHL Courier

DHL is not only a leading logistics firm in Pakistan but also around the world. And if you don’t trust local businesses, you can be assured that there are more laws and checks and balances in first-world nations. As a result, since it is a leading courier service outside of Pakistan, it’s the best courier service in Pakistan. DHL is one of the oldest and reliable courier companies in Pakistan.

PIA SpeedeX

Pakistan International Airlines founded the SpeedeX courier service firm in 2003, and it has since grown to provide premium courier services in more than 70 locations across Pakistan, all while assuring quality and security. It is the most cost-effective courier service inside Pakistan!

Telephone: 042-37357540

 FedEx Express

When it comes to courier businesses, FedEx is the worldwide behemoth. It is the most widely used international courier service, with coverage in over 220 countries. FedEx is the most dependable, but also the most expensive, method of delivering your packages, but quality is guaranteed!

Telephone: (051) 2624896

DCS Courier

DCS Couriers is a courier company that offers inexpensive local and national courier services to a variety of clientele. DCS is a global company that provides fast, dependable, and time-definite express delivery, expedited surface and air charter delivery of time-critical freight shipments, business-to-business ground small-package delivery, expedited overnight delivery, freight services, customs clearance, and an integrated information and logistic solution.

Telephone: +92 304 1110327

PCL Courier

PCL (Paradise Courier & Logistics) is a forward-thinking and innovative express courier business. That is recognized for its high-quality delivery service and ensures that your essential and critical items arrive on time and in good condition, with full tracking capabilities.

Telephone: +92 21 111 333 725

APX Courier

Asian Pacific Express was founded in 1990 and has at least 25 years of expertise operating a wide variety of networks and key links to enterprises in the United Kingdom, the United States, Dubai, and the Far East, as well as to every corner of the globe. 

Telephone: 021-4303560

These courier services are the best, so you can depend on them if you need to deliver anything to your loved ones or clients.

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