4 Best & Economical Ways Of Sending Money Abroad From Pakistan

Sending money abroad can be quite a hassle, we often times find ourselves looking for best and economical money transfers services who are also trustworthy.

Consider the case where you always transfer money from Pakistan to other countries. And you want the money to be transferred easily and reliably every time. You want it to have an equal exchange rate and a decent transfer price. There’s a possibility that one of these objectives will be missed.

As a result, you must choose the best choice for sending money abroad from Pakistan. To help you figure this out we’ve gathered the best & economical ways of how to transfer money abroad.

Send Money From Pakistan

Listed below are the four most secure methods of sending money from Pakistan to abroad:

1 – Western Union

Western Union

The most secure way to transfer money from Pakistan to other countries, Western Union has a global footprint in more than 200 countries. It is the simplest and fastest way to transfer money anywhere in the world from Pakistan, with over 500,000 agent locations worldwide. Western Union allows you to send $3,000 USD or the local equivalent per user, per day.

2 – Money Gram

Money Gram

Another overseas money exchange provider is Money Gram. Money Gram is a safe and easy way to transfer money to everyone in the world. It’s available on 350,000 sites in over 200 countries.

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3 – Xoom

Xoom - A paypal service

Another excellent choice for sending money to foreign countries is Xoom. Xoom offers a range of online money transfer services. Users efficiently send and receive money with some of the finest exchange rates. Through appropriate encryption and fraud monitoring, Xoom also keeps your transaction secure. Your financial information is kept private, and your transaction is always protected.

4 – Jazz Cash

Jazz Cash

International Remittance Service by JazzCash is a safe, trustworthy, and quick money transfer service. Use this service to get money sent directly to your JazzCash Mobile Account. Then, choose whether to withdraw money from your JazzCash Mobile Account or utilize your remaining balance for a variety of JazzCash services — such as money transfers, bill payments, mobile loads, online payments, or loan repayments.

All the methods mentioned above are the most secure and convenient ways to send money from Pakistan.

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