Best Free Courses To Learn Social Media Marketing

One of the most common things to do in your spare time is to take free marketing courses online besides binge watching reality shows. Industries constantly change and keeping my skills up-to-date, particularly in marketing is something I find important not only for excellence in my career, but also for fun.

The great thing about online courses is, you don’t actually spend a cent on them and they value it.

Any of the best communications courses for which you can now subscribe, and indeed, most of them are absolutely free and recognized by the industry.

All the Courses mentioned are Free.

1. Social Media Certification

Platform: HubSpot Academy

A rigorous curriculum designed to help you reach clients and partners and create brand loyalty, HubSpot’s Social Media Certification Class is. As the secret to inbound marketing is social media, this course effortlessly links the two principles. It addresses key topics such as ROI measurement, scope extension and design of contents for social media and social listening.

2. Fundementals of Digital Marketing

Platform: Google Digital Garage

Google has over 300,000 applicants with Social Media Certifications and offers social media, mobile marketing, SEO and platform optimisation courses. The courses focus on paying and organic searches, and the creation of the most personalised web sites, so that consumers can easily locate their content.

It sounds like a win-win learning how to customise search pages on a popular search engine. At the end of the course, you will obtain your LinkedIn profile with a digital credential and resume.

3. Social Media Training For Beginners

Platform: Constant Contact

The video-based instruction in social media is intended for beginners in Constant Contact. The platform will send you ten blog posting tools at the end of every lesson to link to.

Constant Contact’s course focuses as an email marketing programme on how email should be integrated with social media marketing. It also includes Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

4. Social Media Marketing Course

Platform: Hootsuite Academy

The social media marketing preparation of Hootsuite is conducted by their senior marketing managers. The platform itself provides customers such as Pfizer and P&G social media scheduling tools. In this course, you can learn how to build a comprehensive social media plan across modules.

Hootsuite also plunges into the creation of an online community and content for the public. Moreover, this course is six hours in length and you should put it on your busy calendar. It is just six hours.

5. Digital Marketing Course

Platform: GenM

GenM classes are much like university lectures. They are fully online and are a 10-hour work, three-month curriculum — perfect if you have a bit extra time.

GenM matches you to a market- and skills-based confirmed company owner, and you get one-on-one support. This is an excellent way to develop business partnerships while learning about real-world social media habits.

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