12 Money Exchangers in Karachi Offering Best Exchange Rates

money exchangers in Karachi

Pakistan being an active tourist destination has attracted a range of tourists as well as expatriates to its beauty. This opens a potential for a lot more potential for money transfer and exchange services internationally. 

Karachi is a city where you can find dozens of exchange companies having a number of branches, franchises, and payment booths. You can visit these companies to have a desired exchange of currency. 

Money Exchangers in Karachi

Listed below in the article are the best money exchangers functional in Karachi. You can trust them as they provide the best exchange rates for all currencies:

#Money Exchangers in KarachiAddress Contact Info
1H&H Exchange Company (Pvt.) LimitedSaima Trade Tower0300-7552828
2Pakistan Currency Exchange Company (Pvt.) LimitedShahra e Faisal 111-242-242
3AA ExchangeGulshan-e-Iqbal021-34982381-82
4Dollar East Exchange Company (Pvt.) LimitedSeari Quarters021-32214507
5Paracha International Exchange (Pvt.) LimitedP.E.C.H.S021-34312285
6WallStreet Exchange Company (Pvt.) LimitedMillenium Classic Mega Mall021-34680824
7AlRahim Exchange Company (Pvt.) LimitedShahrah-e-Faisal021-34370309
8D.D Exchange Company (Pvt.) LimitedSeari Quarters021-32424361
9Money Masters Currency Exchange Company (Pvt.) LimitedP.E.C.H.S021-34529854
10NBP Exchange Company LimitedP.E.C.H.S021-34331132
11Paragon Exchange (Pvt.) LimitedP.E.C.H.S021-34320271
12Royal International Exchange Company (Pvt.) LimitedGulshan-e-Iqbal021-37181074

Let’s look into each company in detail.

H&H Exchange Company (Pvt.) Ltd.

H&H Exchange Company is a pioneer in the foreign exchange business. It is one of the prominent and largest currency exchange companies in Pakistan. The services offered are: 

  • Telegraphic transfer
  • Currency exchange
  • Demand draft
  • Receive and send money

They have a head office located in Karachi. They are operational 6 days a week having 9 branches. Their website is very well managed where you can get the latest exchange rates as well as a currency converter for ease. 

Pakistan Currency Exchange Company (Pvt.) Limited

Pakistan Currency Exchange Company had its physical roots in the country in 2003. This company believes in providing safe, secure, and reliable money transfers. Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority. The best thing about this company is that they require minimalistic requirements for money transfer and do not require a long waiting time. The products offered are: 

  • Demand draft
  • Currency exchange
  • Telegraphic transfer

Pakistan Currency Exchange Company has built a successful brand image in the market having 130 locations across the country. They are proud partners with Western Union, Moneygram, and Ria. The head office is located in Karachi and is operational from 9 am to 5 pm. 

AA Exchange

AA Exchange is a foreign exchange company that has been serving the country and providing all kinds of financial solutions to its customers. AA Exchange is an established name in the market among its competitors. 

AA Exchange has been operational in Pakistan for the past 13 years with over 100 branches. They offer their services seven days a week. They have 12 branches in Karachi addressing a wide range of customers. They not only deal with foreign currency exchange but also in-home remittances. With a wide range of branches currently opened in Pakistan and with a goal to open an even more, AA Exchange cares for its customers from both urban and rural areas. They offer services in the following domains:

  • Currency exchange
  • Foreign telegraphic transfer
  • Foreign demand draft
  • Western union
  • Moneygram
  • Ria

Dollar East Exchange Company (Pvt.) Limited

Dollar East Exchange Company is one of the pioneers and leading currency exchange companies in Pakistan. Dated back to 2003, the company has been making its mark in the market with 45 branches functional in 29 cities of Pakistan. The products and services offered are:

  • Currency exchange
  • Home remittance (MoneyGram, ria, western union)
  • Outward remittance (telegraphic transfer, demand draft)
  • Branchless banking

The company operates in a regulated environment working closely with national and international laws to keep its customers safe from money laundering. They have collaborated with well-known local and international partners. 

Paracha International Exchange (Pvt.) Limited

Among the private exchange companies in Pakistan, Paracha International Exchange is the highest profile-oriented company. It is a leading foreign exchange company having 18 branches throughout Pakistan. The company caters to all kinds of transactions under one roof. They offer:

  • Currency exchange
  • Remittance services
  • Outward remittance
  • Demand draft
  • Branchless banking 

The company established its roots in 1991 and in 2018, it was awarded as the first-ever Shariah-compliant exchange company. The head office of this company is situated in Karachi. The company strives to provide online services free from all kinds of threats and violence. 

WallStreet Exchange Company (Pvt.) Limited

WallStreet Exchange Company is the front-line and leading company in Pakistan. They had a physical presence in the country in 2003. They offer all kinds of exchange services as: 

  • Currency exchange
  • Telegraphic transfer
  • Electronic transfer
  • Remittances
  • Demand draft
  • Easypaisa

The company has a professional management team having experience in international business. They make sure to provide quality services to their loyal customers. The company has a total of 15 functional branches in Karachi.

AlRahim Exchange Company (Pvt.) Limited

AlRahim Exchange Company offers the best exchange rates in the country. It was established in 2004 and has been offering fast and convenient currency exchange services. They have a professional team of experts serving customers with all efforts. The company offers:

  • Buying foreign currency
  • Selling foreign currency

This is a Karachi-based company providing the best rates along with fast processing. They have a total of 4 branches in Karachi. 

D.D Exchange Company (Pvt.) Limited

D.D Exchange Company is one of the leading exchange companies in the country. The company has nationwide branches and a head office in Karachi. Services offered are:

  • Remittance
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Telegraphic transfer
  • Demand draft

The company follows strict measures to follow anti-money laundering policy to keep their customers in safe hands. 

Money Masters Currency Exchange Company (Pvt.) Limited

Money Masters Currency Exchange Company started its services in Pakistan in 1996. It is a Karachi-based company. The company is strongly committed to following anti-laundering policy or financing terrorism. Their main services include providing the best money exchange rates in the city. Apart from their head office, they have 3 more functional branches in Karachi.

NBP Exchange Company Limited

NBP Exchange Company is a subsidiary of the National Bank of Pakistan and one of the first banks to start a currency exchange business in Pakistan. The company has around 20 branches operating in the main cities of the country. They deal with the following services in a regulated environment:

  • Currency exchange
  • Inward remittance
  • Outward remittance
  • Demand draft
  • Telegraphic transfer

The company has its head office located in Karachi. 

Paragon Exchange (Pvt.) Limited

Since 2011, Paragon Exchange has been serving its customers to provide with their quality services. They offer services in these areas: 

  • Money transfer
  • Currency exchange
  • Telegraphic transfer
  • 1 Link – bill payments

The company has its roots in Lahore along with branches in different cities including Karachi. The company aspires to be the fastest, biggest, and most reliable currency exchange company in Pakistan. 

Royal International Exchange Company (Pvt.) Limited

Royal International Exchange Company started in 2005 and is ranked among the top 25 currency exchange companies nationwide. They provide reasonable and fair exchange rates to their customers. They offer:

  • Currency exchange
  • Telegraphic transfer
  • Demand draft 
  • Home remittance
  • Branchless banking

The company has various branches in Karachi including payment booths as well as franchises. It operates with a network of 42 locations in Pakistan.

To Conclude

All the companies mentioned here provide the best exchange rates in the city. They also prioritize customer satisfaction, so you won’t get disappointed. 

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