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Highlighting the best petrol pumps in Islamabad & Rawalpindi can be a debatable topic. People will have a ranging argument as to which petrol pump is the best on the basis of their fuel quality (mostly).

Pakistan has a few top names in the list of petrol pumps namely, PSO, Shell, and Total PARCO but when it comes to which petrol station gives the best quality fuel and service the list might just diminish to two or one.

List of Best Petrol Pumps in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

In this article we will list the below mentioned petrol pumps:

Shell Petrol pumpSarwar road
Total Fuel StationF-6 Markaz
Total Fuel StationF11 Markaz
PSO Fuel StationThe Mall, Saddar
Attock Petrol PumpF11 Markaz

Let’s Discuss the best petrol pumps in Islamabad.

Shell Petrol Pump, Sarwar Road

Also known as Panj Sarki Petrol station, since 5 roads connect to it, has one of the best petrol quality and service. The location is ideal for both people living near Rawalpindi and Express-way. Their scale of petrol filling is very accurate and the customers are happy with the mileage.

The rush of cars speaks for their quality as no matter what time you go there you will find 3-4cars already waiting in line ahead of you. however, we’ve figured out that the best time to avoid long queues at this station is 8am in the morning and after 10pm at night.

Source: Google Review

Total Fuel Station F-6 Markaz

The company owned total petrol pump is located at the F-6 supermarket and the customers are quite happy with the quality of fuel and the service that this station offers.

As for the long queues, this petrol station is spacious enough to cater to their customers but you still can expect a little waiting time in the queues.

Source: Google Review

Total Fuel Station F11 Markaz

Another Total petrol station tops this list. This Total petrol station located between two exists has the ideal location for both incoming and outgoing traffic. The fuel quality is excellent over here and it is evident from the cars that usually come here. The staff over here is well trained and very efficient in doing their work.

This is probably one of the most occupied petrol pumps in Islamabad, as it always has a queue line. However, the best time to get a top-up is after 11pm.

Source: Google Review

PSO Fuel Station, The Mall, Saddar

Situated in the center of Rawalpindi, The petrol station directly known by the PSO company, so quality can not be compromised. Although the station is very congested and often times the queues block the main sadda

r road, but it is worth all the hassle.

Source: Google Review

Attock Petrol Pump, F11

The Attock petrol pump is located at F11 Markaz. With operating 24/7 this petrol pump has certainly earned itself the reputation it needs. The staff is very vigilant and efficient and the fuel quality is very nice. The pump is busy between 12pm-6pm so if you can some quick service you can go either in the morning or at night.

Their car wash service is also excellent and they clean your car like no one else, a thorough cleanup is done with detailing and polish afterwards.

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