Top Wedding Photographers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

wedding photographers in Islamabad, wedding photographers in Rawalpindi

The wedding has its own special importance in the lives of many. Each one of us wishes to make the event memorable by capturing the best quality photographs and videos with tips and tricks to relive the moment anytime in the future. These wedding photographs are a source of time machine to go back in time and feel special. 

The wedding photographers really make the wedding day special for the couple as well as the family by capturing the best moments with delicacy. To make your wedding day special, scroll your eyes down the screen and you will love this fabulous collection of top wedding photographers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Wedding Photographers in Islamabad

Listed below are the top wedding photographers in Islamabad, find the details about their location and contact info in the table below.

#Wedding PhotographersLocation Contact Information
1Awais Javed Photography and Cinematic FilmsE-11/4, Islamabad0331 5567497
2Qamar Anwar PhotographyF-11 Markaz, Islamabad0333 5449598
3Maha’s PhotographyF-10/2, Islamabad0312 5249244
4Coffee Cloud Wedding PhotographyE-11/3, Islamabad0303 8388388
5Studio UmairishE-11, Islamabad0315 6669961
6Iffti’s PhotographyF-5, Islamabad0333 8350600
7Farrukh Bhatti Production and StudiosF-8 Markaz, Islamabad0321 5164819
8SHN PhotographyDHA Phase 1, Islamabad0333 9614467
9Sheroze Malik Films and PhotographyF-10, Islamabad0332 4744423
10Arsalan Asad PhotographyF-7 Markaz, Islamabad0343 5026732
11Rang-e-ZeestG-10, Islamabad0321 5046460

Awais Javed Photography and Cinematic Films

Awais Javed is a well-known name in the photographic industry. He specializes in the coverage of friendly premium wedding photography and cinematic films. He has a great team of expert photographers. 

  • Premium wedding photography
  • Cinematic films
  • Event Coverage

You can plan out an event or marriage with Awais Javed Photography according to your desires. They cover any event with great effort put forth and are especially known for their location shootings. 

You may receive your photos in soft format or get framed wallpics for a memorable addition to your home.

Location: E-11/4, Islamabad

Qamar Anwar Photography

Qamar Anwar is known for the finest photography services in Islamabad. They are one of the oldest operational teams, with a group of professional photographers providing photographic and video services all over Pakistan. Qamar Anwar is a wonderful and talented photographer who is incredibly passionate about his job. The team is an expert in capturing beautiful photographs of all genres. He is undoubtedly one of the top photographers in Islamabad. 

Location: F-11 Markaz, Islamabad

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Maha’s Photography

Maha Wajahat Khan is an incredible photographer and graphic designer by passion. Her passion for what she does reflects in her amazing work. Maha makes sure that she accurately captures all the special events for people to treasure forever. She offers services in the following areas:

  • Wedding and portraits
  • Fashion
  • Families and couples
  • Babies and kids
  • Event coverage
  • Product photography

Location: F-10/2, Islamabad

Coffee Cloud Wedding Photography

Coffee Cloud is one of the best wedding photographers in Islamabad. They are an amazing team of photographers and cinematic video makers for weddings and events. They have the following three photography and videography packages for weddings:

  • Premium wedding
  • Standard wedding
  • Elite wedding

For any custom-based packages, they offer ad-on with the already existing packages for a better experience and to meet the client’s satisfaction. 

Location: E-11/3, Islamabad

Studio Umairish

Studio Umairish is one of the oldest photographers in Islamabad, skilled in breathtaking and marvelous photography by Umair Ishtiaq. They cover all events and specialize in weddings at a national as well as international level. The team serves in almost all cities of Pakistan. Umair Ishtiaq is a lead photographer and along with other senior artists, gives out their best. The skillful team serves in wedding and event photography and videography. 

Location: E-11, Islamabad.

Iffti’s Photography

The photo studio by Iffti’s offers the best services on professional wedding photography as well as event photography. The group of skillful people in photography make a team that is always eager to take part in individual projects like weddings. All the latest genre is being followed at Iffti’s Photography. Candid photography is one genre that is elegantly covered by Iffti’s photography. They cover all sorts of events including:

  • Weddings
  • Conferences
  • parties/functions
  • Photojournalism
  • Fashion
  • Food/products

Location: F-5, Islamabad.

Farrukh Bhatti Production and Studios

Another top studio for wedding photography in Islamabad is Farrukh Bhatti Production and Studios. The studio offers unique ways to shoot weddings along with other events. They have a well-experienced team of photographers that catch extraordinary photographs. The services offered are: 

  • Party photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Wild photography
  • Seminar photography
  • Convention photography
  • Cinematographic wedding video

Location: F-8 Markaz, Islamabad.

SHN Photography

SHN Photography is one of the best photographers in Islamabad that provides complete wedding coverage under one roof. The whole team is based in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar. The wedding packages offered can be customized according to customer’s needs. The team has been working professionally since 2003. The signature services offered are: 

  • Wedding Coverage
  • Event Coverage
  • Couple Photoshoot
  • HD Cinematic Video

Location: DHA Phase 1, Islamabad.

Sheroze Malik Films and Photography

Sheroze Malik Films and Photography is one of the renowned photographers in Islamabad. They have been working in the industry for the past 10 years. They are known for highly professional photography and cinematography. Sheroze Malik believes in giving the best quality to compete in the market. They cover all types of events from weddings to corporates to celebrations. 

Location: F-10, Islamabad.

Arsalan Asad Photography

Arsalan Asad is one of the most sought photographers in Pakistan, among others. He is a passionate self-learned photographer and the pioneer of the photo-journalistic style of photography. Arsalan’s style and flair to capture candid moments have changed the perception of wedding photography; from the traditional strenuous posing to a natural, energetic, and spontaneous way. The wedding packages offered are:

  • Bridal and Couple Shoot
  • Event Photography
  • Event Videography

Location: F-7 Markaz, Islamabad


Wedding Photographers in Rawalpindi

Listed below are the top wedding photographers in Rawalpindi, find the details about their location and contact info in the table below.

#Wedding PhotographersLocation Contact Information
1Chaar BhaiPhase 4, Civic Centre, Bahria Town0333 0442444
2Dia ProductionAdyala Road, Rawalpindi0313 4104333
3Fadils StudiosSatellite Town, Rawalpindi0300 0590963
4Ali Mughal WeddingsPWD, Rawalpindi0333 8227916
5Personified ImagesAfzal Town, Rawalpindi0322 5177505
6Toshi PhotographyPWD, Rawalpindi0312 5060375
Digimas StudioPhase 4, Civic Centre, Bahria Town0312 6649999

Chaar Bhai

A fraternity of the most passionate photographers, Chaar Bhai has been established since 2009. They have a team of expert and professional photographers that offers a wide range of services. The team comprises 11-50 employees. 

Chaar Bhai has the following packages:

  • Photo Event Coverage
  • Signature Bridal Photoshoot
  • Cinematic Video
  • Maestro Bridal Shoot
  • Signature Event Coverage 
  • Senior Artist Bridal Photoshoot

Location: Phase 4, Civic Centre, Bahria Town.

Dia Production

Dia Production

Dia Production is one of the best wedding photographers in Rawalpindi. Wedding photography packages by Dia Production comprise of four categories:

  • Home-based
  • Gold deal
  • Dia’s signature
  • Bride’s favorite 

They offer their best services in wedding photography, videography, and album designing. The team includes capable artists who are experts in photography and videography. They use the latest equipment and are highly professional. 

Location: Adyala Road, Rawalpindi.

Fadils Studios

Enjoy the royal experience with the city’s best photographer. Aadil Mehmood is the owner and photographer at Fadils Studios. The team is skilled to provide creation and innovation at all levels. The core services offered by the Studio are:

  • Visual story-telling
  • Cinematic films
  • Album designing
  • Wedding photography

Fadils Studios aim at making the events memorable and unique for their customers. They are experts in capturing all the expressions in detail.

Location: Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.

Ali Mughal Weddings

Ali Mughal working along with his team is a very professional and pleasant wedding photographer in Rawalpindi. The services offered are:

  • Wedding photography
  • Wedding cinematic films
  • Signature shoot
  • Portraits
  • Family shoots
  • Birthdays
  • Events 
  • Parties 

Their services are beyond expectations and up to the mark.

Location: PWD, Rawalpindi.

Personified Images

Enjoy the special days with Personified Images. They are known for making your day special in the form of lasting memories. Apart from being an awesome wedding photographer, they are also famous for lifestyle photography. They are available to offer the following services:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Big days
  • Photoshoots
  • Product shoots
  • Casual shoots

These services are offered all over Pakistan. 

Location: Afzal Town, Rawalpindi.

Toshi Photography

Toshi Photography specializes in wedding photography and strives to capture the perfect moments. You can book your special day based on your budget. The team is famous for its professionalism, skills, and expertise in the field. They offer:

  • Casual photography
  • Cinematic films
  • Wedding photography
  • Portraits 
  • Birthday photography

Location: PWD, Rawalpindi.

Digimas Studio

Digimas Studio is a photographic and videography production company located in Rawalpindi. They are based in London, Oslo, and Rawalpindi. They are experts in what they do. Digimas Studio provides services for luxurious weddings and corporate events. 

Digimas Cinematography offers professional wedding video services internationally as well as in the UK. They specialize in producing bespoke high-end cinematography and storytelling for couples looking for something more artistic and personal. 

Location: Phase 4, Civic Centre, Bahria Town

Final Words

Twin Cities of Pakistan has among the best and top-rated wedding photographers. The entire list mentioned above for wedding photographers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi provides exceptional and up-to-the-mark services with their utmost efforts.

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