List of Best Biscuits Companies in Pakistan (2023)

biscuits companies in pakistan 2023

“Chai-lover,” we’ve all heard this term a thousand times. And it’s absolutely right to say that Pakistanis are true tea aficionados. Whether it’s a freezing winter night or a drab Monday morning, all we need to revive ourselves is a strong cup of tea. Also, there is no way we are not bringing up the biscuits when we are discussing tea. For us Pakistanis, the favorite combination of “chai-biscuit” has become inseparable from our daily lives. Are you looking for the most favorite biscuit companies in pakistan? If so, this article is for you. We have listed here the ten most renowned biscuit companies in Pakistan.

Biscuit Companies in Pakistan

With their delicious, crispy, healthy biscuits, these biscuit companies in Pakistan are bringing joy to Pakistani people everywhere:

  • Volka International
  • English Biscuits manufacturers (pvt) limited
  • Standard Manufacturing Company
  • Tasteland
  • Bisconni
  • Sunny Biscuits
  • Continent Biscuits limited
  • Candyland Marketing Sdn Bhd
  • Ulker Group 
  • Coronet Foods PVT LTD


Volka international has been producing and delivering healthy, delicious, and appetizing biscuits to the people of pakistan since 2007. The company has its head office in Multan and is highly recognized for its innovativeness, taste, and top quality. Some of the popular biscuits that Volka international manufactures are Tea time, Butter Bix, Butter Cookies, Khas Khatai, Dhaba, Pik a nut, Zeera Classic, Pirates, Choco Chip, Lemon, and chocolate sandwich.

English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt) Limited

Previously known as Peek Freans pakistan, English Biscuit Manufacturers (Private) Limited has proven to be a prominent brand. The headquarters of English biscuit manufacturers are located in Karachi, and the founder is Khawar Masood Butt. They also own the Pied Piper trademark. The popular brands that English biscuits manufacturers (private) limited features are Marie, Butter puff, peanut pik, Zeera, Gluco, Rio, Party, Lemon Sandwich, Sooper, Jam Delight, Click, Nan Khatai, and Chocolicious Cake Up. 

Standard Manufacturing Company

Located in Lahore, Standard Manufacturing Company has years of experience in offering people quality essences, fragrances, flavors, and food colors. The biscuits of the standard manufacturing company are especially well-liked because of the variety of flavors and distinctiveness. Grab one of their teatime treats and relish your break to its fullest.


Tasteland, one of Pakistan’s biggest snack manufacturers, has always had a special place in the hearts of people. The company’s directors, CEO, and managing director are Zahid Iqbal, Irfan Iqbal, and Ehsan ul Haq.


Since childhood, Bisconni has consistently given us the highest quality products. Their biscuits taste like little morsels of heaven because they are made with the utmost care and 100% pure ingredients. They have several other snacks as well. Moreover, nutrition, quality, and superior taste are what all their products symbolize.

Sunny Biscuits

Sunny Biscuits is also one of Pakistan’s most popular, valuable, and trustworthy biscuit enterprises. Since 1918, the brand has been baking rich and nutritious biscuits and spreading joy among people. The three key factors influencing Sunny Biscuits’ enormous success are innovation, quality, and superb packaging.

Continental Biscuits Limited

Continental Biscuits Limited is the next item on our list. Founded by Mr. Hasan Ali Khan, this company was established to offer clients delicious and healthy biscuits. The range of biscuits Continental Biscuits Limited typically offers are crackers, plain biscuits, cream-based varieties, and ingredient-based biscuits. Their commitment to quality truly compels them to comprehend each customer’s unique taste preferences. The manufacturing location of Continent biscuits limited is based in Sukkur.

Candyland Marketing Sdn Bhd

They are the authorized importers for Ismail Industries, the largest confectionery manufacturer in Pakistan. In general, Ismail Industry produces confections under the brands CandyLand, Bisconni, and Snack-city.

Ulker Group 

Ulker Group Biscuits can be found in practically every Pakistani home. Known and loved by all Pakistanis for its distinctive flavor and absolute purity. Ulker Group has cookies, oatmeal biscuits, digestive biscuits, etc. You name them, and they have them.

Coronet Foods PVT LTD

Coronet Foods PVT LTD is the last one on our list of Pakistan’s best and top biscuit manufacturers. The goal of coronet foods PVT LTD is to produce and deliver high-quality products at reasonable prices. Right now, they are operating under the brand name “FAVE”. Some of the popular products from Coronet Foods PVT LTD are OLA, Bonnies butter cookies, Bourbon, Funmunch, chocolate Nice crunch, and Ener-G.

So, these are ten of Pakistan’s best biscuit manufacturers. Get in touch with them to purchase the finest quality cookies at reasonable pricing.

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