10 Best Restaurants to Visit For Breakfast in Karachi

Breakfast in Karachi

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it ends up defining the trajectory of that day. A delicious breakfast loads you with the energy, enthusiasm, and spirit to launch a perfect day. Finding a breakfast place that has the right ambiance, food variety, and quality can be challenging.

To save you any disappointments we have shortlisted the best breakfast places in Karachi having the best user reviews.

Places for Breakfast in Karachi

Delicious food, perfect ambiance, and prompt service; head to the eateries mentioned below for a memorable breakfast. In this article, you shall find the breakfast menus and contact details. 

#Breakfast PlaceContactLocation
1Xander’s(021) 35250409E-Street, Clifton, Karachi
2Neco’s(021) 35242654Phase VI, DHA, Karachi
3Floc0303 3263333Zamzama, Phase V, DHA, Karachi
4Del Frio(021) 111 454 647Lucky One Mall, Karachi
5Gloria Jeans(021) 34534178Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Karachi
6Mews0349 4111911Block 4, Clifton, Karachi
7Chatterbox(021) 35161376Phase V, DHA, Karachi
8Bella Vita(021) 111 435 286Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi
9Daily Dubai(021) 35244016-19Phase V, DHA, Karachi
10Espresso(021) 35342725Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi

1. Xander’s

Xander’s Breakfast Menu
User Review
Breakfast at Xander’s Karachi

Xander’s keeps it clean literally and figuratively. The bright and vibrant cafe ambiance is inviting and refreshing. The food is designed to respect the fresh and authentic ingredients and lets all flavors shine through. 

Their breakfast menu is elaborate consisting of the immensely popular Eggs Benedict and Portuguese baked eggs. Their unaltered and authentic taste of International dishes has garnered the cafe a loyal following.

Xander’s Karachi is located at E-Street, Clifton, Karachi. 

For reservation, contact: (021) 35250409

2. Neco’s

Breakfast Menu
Breakfast at Neco’s Karachi
User Review

Neco’s is an organic and natural food cafe in Karachi. Their focus on health, whole foods, and nutrition make them stand apart from the rest in the food business. 

Their breakfast is ideal for those who want delicious taste while keeping their health goals in check. Their focus on healthy food is reflected in the menu with whole wheat pancakes and waffles, muesli and granola, etc. 

N’eco’s Cafe, Karachi is located at Phase VI DHA, Karachi. 

For reservation, contact:  (021) 35242654

3. Floc

Breakfast Menu – Part 1
Breakfast Menu – Part 2
Breakfast at FLOC Karachi
User Reveiw

Priding itself as Pakistan’s first third-wave coffee shop, For the Love of Coffee (FLOC) is an up-and-coming cafe in Karachi. Their focus is on gourmet cuisine and designer beverages, crafted to perfection. 

They serve specialty coffee and a keto menu along with breakfast items including omelets, pancakes, french toasts, and granola, etc. 

Floc, Karachi is located at Zamzama, DHA Phase V, Karachi.

For reservation, Contact: 03033263333

4. Del Frio

Breakfast at Del Frio Karachi
User Review
Breakfast Menu

Del Frio was initially made famous due to their delectably smooth ice cream flavors. Over the years it has expanded to become a sought-after breakfast joint in the city. 

Located at multiple sites within the city, their breakfast menu includes a good mix of sweet and savory. Their Portuguese eggs continue to be a fan favorite while the breakfast burrito adds a unique element. Sweet options include a variety of pancakes and waffles including Lotus Pancakes and Frerro Rocher waffles. 

Del Frio, Karachi is located in multiple areas including the following:

  • Boat Basin, Karachi
  • Mohammed Ali Society, Karachi
  • SMCHS, Karachi
  • Lucky One Mall, Karachi 
  • Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road, Karachi. 

For reservation Conatact: (021) 111 454 647

5. Gloria Jeans

Breakfast at Gloria Jeans Karachi
Breakfast Menu
User Review

An Australian chain, Gloria Jeans came to Karachi in 2006, with the aim to establish a coffee culture in Pakistan. The idea paid off brilliantly, leading to a thriving coffee house business in the country. Gloria Jeans is synonymous with quality, innovation, and service.

Their breakfast menu is delicious as ever, offering a wide variety of dishes. It includes creamy omelets along with pancakes and waffles for those with sweet tooth. Their delicious coffee blends offer the perfect accompaniment to the morning meal.

The Gloria Jeans, Karachi franchise locations include:

  • Lucky One Mall
  • Dolmen Mall Clifton

For reservation, contact: (021) 34534178

6. Mews

French toast at Mews Karachi
Breakfast Menu
User Review

Inspired by the European Cafe culture, Mews is a small but inspiring cafe in Clifton, Karachi. Serving food with fresh good quality ingredients they have quickly made a name for themselves in Karachi’s food scene.

The breakfast menu at Mews includes the continental varieties of eggs, pancakes, and french toasts along with the healthier options of granola and avocado toast.

Mews Karachi is located at Block 4, Clifton, Karachi.

For reservation, contact: 0349 4111911

7. The Chatterbox Deli

Breakfast at the Chatterbox Deli Karachi
Breakfast Menu
User Review

A product of Pie in the Sky, the Chatterbox deli is a labor of love. The deli exudes a casual, relaxed, and inviting vibe. Their food highlights fresh, organic ingredients and they incorporate healthy options in the menu. 

The breakfast menu consists of varieties of omelets, croissants, pulled beef, salmon, beans, and poached eggs. They also serve delectable desserts including french toasts, pancakes, and panna cotta.

The Chatterbox Deli, Karachi is located at Phase V, DHA, Karachi.

For reservation, contact: (021) 35161376

8. Bella Vita

Breakfast at Bella Vita
Breakfast Menu
User Review

Bella Vita is a unique cafe in the bustling city of Karachi. The cafe covers both sides of the food spectrum savory and sweet and does it with exceptional skill and grace. The ambiance is refreshing and cozy offering a relaxed vibe for the customers.

Their breakfast is favored by all who have tried it. The appetizing sandwiches, pizza, and eggs are a delight to the palate while the succulent cakes, pancakes, gelato, french toasts, and waffles are every dessert lover’s dream come true. 

Bella Vita, Karachi is located at Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi. 

For reservation contact: (021) 111 435 286

9. Daily Dubai

Breakfast at Daily Dubai Karachi
Breakfast Menu Part-1
Breakfast Menu Part-2
Breakfast Menu Part-3
User Review

Daily Dubai is a restaurant with a focus on BBQ and Pakistani cuisine. It is an established chain of restaurants in the UAE for the past two decades. The restaurant has a capacity of hosting up to 400 guests.

Their breakfast items consist of the delicious desi varieties including Nihari, Paaye, Palak Paneer, qeema, and Brain masala while also offering omelets, pancakes, french toast, pasta, and fresh juice. 

The Daily Dubai breakfast delivery timings are from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Daily Dubai, Karachi is located at Phase V, DHA, Karachi.

For reservation contact: (021) 35244016-19

10. Espresso Restaurant

Refreshing and Bright Ambiance
Dark and Moody Ambiance
Breakfast Menu
Breakfast at Espresso Karachi
User Review

The Espresso restaurant is one of the pioneer coffee houses in Pakistan. Having a network of multiple locations in the city of lights it is a popular choice for a breakfast outing. The different outlets offer different vibes from the dark and cozy for a weekend retreat or the bright and vibrant for an energy-boosting breakfast. 

Their breakfast menu includes scrambled eggs, omelets, croissants, pancakes, waffles, and french toasts along with their authentic varieties of Italian coffee. They also offer baked beans and sausages as options for a nutritious breakfast. 

Espresso, Karachi has the following outlets

  • Phase VI, DHA, Karachi
  • Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi
  • Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi

For reservation, contact: (021) 35342725

Breakfast, Here We Come!

Here you have a list of the best places for breakfast in Karachi along with their menu, location, and contact details. Quickly reserve a table and have a delicious start to your day with friends and family!

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