Car Spare Part Prices Skyrocket in Pakistan – Sonata Headlights Cost Over Rs. 3 Lac

Spare Part Prices in Pakistan Ranging From Rs. 50k to Rs. 300k

In the last couple of years, Pakistani consumers have been facing the brunt of escalating car prices, making it increasingly challenging for many to afford new vehicles. Several factors have contributed to this upward trend, including currency fluctuations, import duties, supply and demand dynamics, inflation, and government policies.

Similarly, spare part prices have also soared in Pakistan. PakWheels has just revealed the spare part prices of popular Toyota and Hyundai cars, and needless to say, they are mind-boggling. If a car’s headlight costs over Rs. 300,000, there must be something wrong with the government’s policies regarding the automotive sector, right?

Spare Part Prices in Pakistan

The complete prices are listed below:

Spare PartHyundai Sonata Honda Civic Hyundai ElantraToyota YarisToyota Corolla Grande
HeadlightsRs. 346,027Rs. 81,000Rs. 315,524Rs. 48,700Rs. 207,380
Rear Lights Rs. 181,936Rs. 74,000Rs. 182,924Rs. 69,600Rs. 61,320
Side MirrorRs. 150,080Rs. 38,200Rs. 81,882Rs. 24,000Rs. 29,717
Front BumperRs. 78,388Rs. 13,000Rs. 52,253Rs. 12,200Rs. 13,700
Rear Bumper Rs. 58,853Rs. 13,000Rs. 56,187Rs. 12,200Rs. 11,383

The listed prices are for popular car models like Sonata, Civic, Elantra, Yaris, and Corolla. The prices are pretty high, especially for headlights and rear lights.

High import cost is one of the major factors that result in spare parts being extremely expensive.

Although the FBR reduced custom duty on spare parts from 32.5% to 15% in Jan 2023, the challenges are still there for spare part distributors in the country.

In such cases, car insurance is one way to save your money on spare parts. By paying an economical cost per month based on your plan, you can get minor and major accident coverage, saving you from extreme costs.

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