Caretaker Minister Urges for the Activation of Food Security Council Against Price Hikes

Caretaker Minister to Activate the Food Security Council

Caretaker Minister for National Food Security and Research, Dr. Kausar Malik, has urged the Agriculture Policy Institute (API) to activate the Food Security Advisory Council.

This council will serve as a vital link between the central government and provincial authorities, focusing specifically on the impact of significant agricultural policies, particularly those related to food prices.

Dr. Malik’s recommendation came during a comprehensive briefing by API Director General Abdul Karim regarding the institute’s role and ongoing projects.

API operates as a research and data management arm under the Ministry of National Food Security and Research.

Controlling Artificial Price Hikes

Dr. Malik emphasized that the API should collaborate with provinces to develop a unified and comprehensive plan for the food supply chain. Such an approach would help in controlling artificial price hikes in the food market.

Additionally, he stressed the need to reassess existing market committees across the country in cooperation with provinces. This evaluation aims to identify and address critical issues and gaps at the grassroots level.

About API

The primary goal of API is to analyze the impact of significant agricultural policies on various stakeholders, including consumers, processors, and exporters.

The institute also seeks to enhance the competitiveness of agricultural commodities by reducing production costs.

Moreover, API plays a crucial role in assisting the ministry in developing research-based policies, including price stabilization measures for major crops.

Among the core functions of API are conducting studies on emerging policy matters, analyzing how agricultural policies affect different groups such as consumers, traders, processors, and exporters, and providing recommendations for policy adjustments to promote greater productivity and equity in the agriculture sector.

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