CDA to Launch Package Worth 20 Billion for Islamabad’s Rural Areas

DA-launches-20-Billion-package-to-uplift-Rural-Islamabad-today (1)

Chairman CDA, Noor Ul Amin Mengal, has announced the release of a package worth PKR 20 billion to uplift the rural areas of Islamabad.

The package will be released today, on 20th June. The development package will include work on parks, playgrounds, sanitation, improvement of road infrastructure, village infrastructure, etc.

Package Announced in May

According to reports, the CDA Chairman announced the budget for the project in May at an introductory meeting with the media.

Mengal highlighted that the development projects would include the construction of roads, pavement of streets, creation of parks and playgrounds.

The rural projects come as an effort to develop sectors in Islamabad and to help the underdeveloped areas of the city flourish like other developed sectors.

Three independent agencies have been created so far under the supervision of the chairman, which includes the Building Control Authority, Solid Waste Management Agency, and Parks and Horticulture Authority.

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