Chinese Zoo Faces Backlash Over Humans Dressed as Bears

Chinese-zoo-denies-its-sun-bears-are-humans-dressed-in-costumes (1)

In a hilarious turn of events, a Chinese zoo named the “Hangzhou Zoo”, has been accused of harboring sneaky humans disguised as sun bears!

Yes, you heard it right – people trying to pull off the ultimate bear impersonation. After a video of the bear standing upright like a human being went viral, people have been skeptical as to whether the zoo is faking humans dressed as bears. Quite a daring move!

Facing backlash, the zoo authorities were quick to reassure the public that their sun bears are indeed the real deal.

The Zoo’s Response

The zoo, in response, took to social media to defend their furry residents and clear up the confusion.

According to Hangzhou Zoo, their sun bears are native to Malaysia and have unique characteristics that distinguish them from other bear species.

They are naturally smaller in size, measuring about 1.3 meters (4 feet 2 inches) tall on their hind legs. That’s definitely not the stature of an average human in a bear costume!

It’s Funny but Impossible

The zoo mentioned the impracticality of humans attempting to pose as bears in the sweltering Chinese summer heat.

Wearing a thick bear costume at a scorching 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) would surely lead to a swift retreat to the nearest ice cream parlor!

Zoo Invites Reporters to see for Themselves

To put an end to the playful accusations, the zoo has invited reporters to witness the sun bears up close and personal.

They plan to showcase the bears’ loose skin, which can sometimes create wrinkles on their foreheads and folds on their lower backs when they stand upright.

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