Content Marketing Trends You Can Not Miss Out In 2021

Content marketing

Content marketing has been on the rise since Pakistan has been digitalizing itself. The online presence of the country has significantly increased and so has the demand for a new approach to engaging the online audience. Big companies are using different methods and strategies to engage their online by creating an online brand image for the people that is hard to resist.

Here are 3 Content marketing Trends you must know!

Going live with video and webinars

Video ruled 2020 and 2021 is not going to be any different, except that going live through videos and webinars to engage with your audience will become even more common. YouTube users watch over 1 billion hours of video each day on the platform, and livestreaming is one of the ideal ways to make your community keep coming back to you.

Using AI-powered content

Automation of content audits and topic research using artificial intelligence will become the go-to strategy for content creation in 2021. AI will also allow us to focus on creating hyperpersonalized content uniquely tailored to each user’s needs.

Optimizing your content strategy for voice search

A report by OC&C Strategy Consultants predicts that voice shopping spending will grow to over $40 billion in 2022. Don’t forget to optimize your content for it if you want a chunk of this pie.

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