List of Best CSS Academies in Islamabad: Fee, Address, & Course Details

Css Academies in Islamabad

Those were the days when few people used to take the CSS exams. CSS exam has always been Mount Everest to climb. In the old days, there were not too many people. Nowadays, every other guy calls himself an aspirant as it is his name. With the growing competition, many academies are established over the years to accommodate and facilitate those who aspire to be CSS officers.

CSS Academies in Islamabad

To compete CSS exams in this highly saturated atmosphere I have brought to you a list of CSS academies in Islamabad.

CSS AcademiesFee StructureCourse DurationContact Address
NOA – National Officers AcademyPKR 70,000/-4 months(051) 2354567G-10/1, Islamabad
KIPS CSS AcademyPKR 65,000/-4 months(051) 2285963G-9 Markaz, Islamabad
NOVA CSS AcademyPKR 58,000/-4 months (051) 2354368G-10/1, Islamabad
PACE CSS AcademyPKR 60,000/-4 months(051) 2350188 G-10 Markaz, Islamabad
COA – CSS Officers Academy PKR 60,000/-4 months0300 5915021G-9/4, Islamabad

NOA – National Officers Acadmey

With its unique and advanced methods of teaching, NOA serves the aspirants for four months every year. NOA endeavors to teach the practical ways of life through its teaching. With the vision to contribute to the growth and welfare of the nation, NOA has been serving Pakistan for 15 years. The smart study program, well-planned course delivery method, and high-quality faculty members make NOA one of the leading CSS academies in Islamabad.

NOA comes with different fee structures for different plans. It is never too late. Let us look the courses NOA offer:

CourseCourse Duration Fee
Complete course 4 monthsPKR 70,000/-
Only Compulsory Subjects2.5 monthsPKR 40,000/-
Only Optional Subjects2.5 monthsPKR 40,000/-
Selective Subjects2 months PKR 12,000/-
Only Interview1 monthPKR 20,000/-

KIPS CSS Academy

With 1800+ Civil Servants, KIPS CSS Academy is the largest and oldest CSS preparatory network of Pakistan. KIPS is serving students all across Punjab. KIPS believes in the intellectually groomed youth for a better future for the individuals and country. By imparting the right knowledge and skills, KIPS endeavors to transform individuals into undisputed leaders. KIPS does not compromise on the quality and quantity of instructional material and its deliverance.

KIPS, with a blend of subject specialists and top-notch instructors, offers you a 4-month session for the preparation of the exams for PKR 65,000/- only. In case you register yourself before the seminar it will cost you PKR 55,000/- only.

NOVA CSS Academy

Enhancing intellectual capabilities and learning willpower in the students, NOVA has a serving history of 14 years. With hundreds of Civil servants on the NOVA alumni board, NOVA is one of the best cruises to embark on your CSS journey. With its inception in 2007, NOVA claims credit for setting the CSS trends in twin cities. NOVA promises a vibrant learning environment for your CSS preparation.

NOVA offers a 100 days program for PKR 58,000/- only. If you cannot pay first-hand, then you will have to pay PKR 68,000/- in three months. NOVA offers different course packages:

CourseCourse Duration Fee
Complete course 100 daysPKR 68,000/-
Compulsory Subjects100 daysPKR 41,000/-
Only Optional Subjects100 daysPKR 27,000/-

PACE CSS Academy

Through ups and downs, PACE acknowledges students’ problems and the issues they face. For the reasonable expression of the knowledge, PACE endeavors to embed the art of expression in you with its top-notch faculty and smart studying strategies. PACE equips you with the essential tips and demands of the CSS examiner. PACE has different programs to suit the student’s demands. Let us have a look at the courses PACE offer:

CourseCourse Duration Fee
Executive Course4 monthsPKR 60,000/-
Crash Course2 monthsPKR 30,000/-
Pre Exam5 weeksPKR 20,000/-

COA – CSS Officers Academy

To compete in the civil services examination, COA provides a learning environment that encourages individuality and creativity. With the highly competent and quality faculty, COA is a renowned CSS institution in the town. For ultimate mentoring and best study material, COA is keeping up with the competition. COA is one of the ideal institutions to pursue CSS. You can opt for different course options with COA:

CourseCourse Duration Fee
Complete Course 4 monthsPKR 60,000/-
English Essay 2 monthsPKR 12,000/-
English Composition2 monthsPKR 12,000/-
Other Subjects (each)1 monthPKR 10,000/-

Final Words

So, which institution are you going to join? Whatever it is going to be, you may pass the CSS exams. I hope you serve this nation rightfully. Good luck!

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