Eid-ul-Fitr Date in Pakistan 2024 – Mark Your Calendars!


Ramadan has begun across the globe, and so has the wait for Eid. From planning Eid parties to shopping, Eid is all about happiness and joy. This year, Eid will be celebrated in the month of Spring, and below are the Eid ul Fitr 2024 dates.

Eid-ul-Fitr Date in Pakistan 2024

Eid in pakistan will be observed on the 10th or 11th of April 2024. The crescent will mark the beginning of Shawaal and the end of Ramadan in the country. In case Eid falls on the 10th, citizens will enjoy a long 5-day celebration, and if it falls on the 11th of April, there will be 4-day Eid holidays. 

Eid in Saudi Arabia 2024

Saudi Arabia is expected to observe Eid-ul-Fitr on 10 April 2024. Students in the country will likely enjoy a long holiday as eid coincides with the weekend. 

Rulings on the Moon Sighting 

The moon of Shawaal marks the end of Ramadan and the start of the Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations.

According to Sahih Muslim Hadith_No 2378, Allah’s Messenger (peace_be_upon_him) said: “Whenever you sight the new moon (of the month of Ramadan) observe fast, and when you sight it (the new moon of Shawwal) break it, and if the sky is cloudy for you, then observe fast for thirty days.”

This hadith shows that Muslims are meant to start the month of Ramadan upon sighting the new moon (crescent) and end the month the same way. In case of cloudy weather, if the moon can not be sighted, 30 days of Ramadan are celebrated instead. 

Enjoy Eid With Friends & Family

We hope this Eid brings you lots of joy, happiness, and prosperity. Keeping the tentative dates in mind, you can easily plan for Eid ahead of time to make the most of this joyous occasion. If you wish to explore food, fashion, and outing options for Ramadan and Eid, visit BlogPakistan for more content.

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