Electric Car Charging Stations in Islamabad – Address & Contact Info

Electric car charging station in Islamabad

Pakistan has been focusing on the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030. Due to the recurring events of climate change, the need for a shift to EVs is the need of an hour. The government’s intentions are legitimate and the air pollution further supports the idea. However, the execution of this big yet important plan is not easy. There will be multiple challenges and more exhaustive work before it is fully implemented. 

To support the Government’s initiative, Pakistan State Oil has introduced the first-ever electric vehicle charging station under the name of Electro in F-7, Islamabad. This first EV charging station has been set up at the PSO station in the Federal Capital last year. This initiative has been done by Barqtron Energy Company. The opening of this charging station will help encourage the use of electric vehicles in the near future. 

Electric Charging Station in Islamabad
Source: Twitter

The in-service charging cables at this station are:

  1. Type 2 (Cable Attached)
    Accelerated – 22KW – AC – Three Phases
  1. Chademo
    Fast – 50 KW – DC
  1. Combo CCS EU
    Fast – 50 KW – DC

Location: PSO, Capri Gas Station, Bhittai Road, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.

Contact the PSO Islamabad Head Office for further details: (051) 9252651.

Recently, another electric car charging station was spotted near Kohsar Market in the F-6 sector, Islamabad. This Charge Now station follows BMW’s ChargeNow network. This station only works with eDrive or “i” vehicles. A ChargeNow card is required for its operation.

Many countries are taking initiatives to reduce air pollution by the introduction of electric vehicles. The initiative of Pakistan’s government for electric vehicles would make international investors interested to manufacture electric vehicles in the country. This year, Tesla Industries, located in Islamabad, launched the first-ever “Made in Pakistan” electric charger for vehicles in Islamabad. The Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Industries talked about the various voltages for electric chargers including 30, 60, 120, and 250 KW to meet the desired needs of every customer in the country. According to the company, a 120 KW EV charger will take approximately 25-30 minutes to charge an electric vehicle. 

There are limited charging stations in Pakistan currently and electric vehicles takes more time to charge as compared to fuel-based vehicles. Furthermore, a fuel-based vehicle covers the double distance as compared to EVs upon full charge. The experts stated that the optimal distance covered by an EV in Pakistan with a full charge is around 700 Kilometers

The implementation of EV culture in Pakistan will be a challenging one but can be made possible if given foremost priority. 

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