Facebook Will Remove Controversial Information Fields From User Profiles



  • Facebook is removing a number of controversial fields from user profiles.
  • Sources say its a move to make the platform more efficient, and friendly.
  • This removal occurs one week after Meta, the owner of facebook, terminated 13% of its entire workforce.

A Facebook spokesperson on Wednesday said that the company will be removing a number of personal details from user profile bios as of December 1.

This revelation comes one week after Meta laid off 11,000 workers or 13% of its entire staff.

The fields “Interested in”, “Religious beliefs,” “Political views,” and “Address” are among them. All other information, including contact details, will be kept.

According to some sources, facebook’s decision to remove these specific fields is part of the company’s efforts to make the platform more friendly and less controversial.

However, no clear reason has been stated by the platform itself yet.

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