Facebook’s New App Bars Will Fulfill Your Rap Dream

Facebook has just introduced a TikTok-like software for young rappers to develop and download songs.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team created the new software, which is currently in closed beta testing. Using built-in software, users of Facebook’s BARS app can build and upload raps. The NPE team believes that consumers don’t need any structured rap experience to use the BARS app to produce content.

Unlike other short-video sharing applications, Facebook’s BARS is developed specifically for rapping-style videos. It comes with pre-recorded beats that turn the words into professional-sounding raps. To keep the rhythm alive, the app uses a rhyming dictionary to recommend rhymes. There’s also a Challenge Mode, which allows you to freestyle while also offering auto-suggested word prompts.

When you’re through with your lyrics and rhythm, you can use the Facebook BARS app to boost your rap material with a range of audio and visual filters. To change your vocal performance in the videos, you’ll get preloaded tools like Clean, AutoTune, Imaginary Friends, and AM Radio.

If you’ve done refining your rap videos, you can export them and save them to your Camera Roll using the BARS app. You may also use social media sites to share the posts with others.

The coronavirus epidemic was one of the key factors for creating the BARS software, according to BARS Group Manager DJ Iyer, who is also a hip-hop songwriter and ghostwriter under the pseudonym D-Lucks.

“I recognise that young rappers may have limited access to high-priced recording studios and production equipment. Furthermore, the global pandemic stopped live shows, which are where we often build and share our work,” he explained.

The BARS app is available for download through Apple’s US App Store and is initially accessible for a small number of iOS users only.

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