Fifth Annual Ombuds Day in Pakistan – 13th October 2022

Fifth Annual Ombuds Day in Pakistan

5th Annual Ombudsman Day is being Observed Today in Pakistan.

Today, the fifth annual Ombuds Day is being observed throughout the world, including in Pakistan, in order to educate the populace about the institutional safeguards for their legal rights and prevent any government employee or agency from neglecting to preserve those rights.

This was said in a statement released on Wednesday by a representative of the Office of Punjab Ombudsman. The spokesperson stated that by eliminating corrupt behavior and poor management, the provincial ombudsman office is ensuring good government. It has come to the realization that public servants are answerable to the people, and any breach of this trust won’t be accepted.

The spokesman claimed that by doing this, both the development of a law-abiding society and public confidence in the government are strengthened. He said that by offering quick and free relief, the Office of the Ombudsman Punjab is preserving the rights of the general population. 


A special helpline 1050 has been established to aid and direct the petitioners. According to the spokesman, a working group has been established by the Chief Provincial Commissioner for Children to defend children’s rights and prevent online abuse and exploitation of them.

The citizens should contact the appropriate regional ombudsman office to preserve their legal rights, rather than remaining mute about the breach of their rights.


What is the Approximate Number of Public Complaints Resolved Since Now?

347,369 public complaints have been resolved by the office in the 25 years since it was established.

Who can Lodge a Complaint?

The spokesman noted and added that local complainants and expatriates, from all over the world can submit a complaint to the concerned regional office.

Where to Submit the Complaint?

Complaints can be submitted through the website or bilingual mobile application OPMIS.

Who takes Notice of the Complaints?

Information and communications technology (ICT) has been deftly employed for the prompt registration of public complaints. A focus person has also been chosen to deal with the issues of the abroad Pakistanis

How to Deliver the Complaints?

Complaints may be delivered in person or via postal service.

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