From New York Times to Fortune, All Major US News Organizations are Now Led by Women


All major news reporting organizations in the US are women-led, indicating the rising role of women in journalism.

With a 2/3rd female leadership, CNN recently joined the women-led pool of major news organizations, making all major news platforms women-led.

The major news networks in the US, headed by women, include ABC News led by Kimberly Godwin Helms, Rashida Jones heading MSNBC, Wendy McMahon leading CBS News, Rebecca Blumenstein leading NBC News, and Suzanne Scott taking the reigns of Fox News.

On top of that, the CEO of the New York Times is also a woman (Meredith Kopit Levien).

In many companies, women are serving as editors-in-chief, like at the Washington Post (Sally Buzbee), Reuters (Alessandra Galloni), Fortune (Alyson Shontell), and McClatchy (Robyn Tomlin), as well.

Globally 22% of Top Editors are Women

Although there is some good news from the US, the same cannot be said for the rest of the world.

Just 22% of the top editors at major news outlets worldwide are women.

The shocking fact is that 40% of journalists in the 12 major news markets are women, but they are still under-represented in higher authority positions.

According to Emma Hinchliffe, who works for Fortune, executives consider women the right choice to handle the corporate mess, but they are considered a poor fit during strong periods.

This thinking leads to the low number of women executives that we see globally.

Keeping these facts in mind, we can not deny the biases that exist against working women but we are hopeful that the trend will change and it has already begun with the example of the US.

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