Top 16 Funniest TV Commercials of All Time

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Humour is hard, what’s funny for one person might not be as funny for the other person. The best TV commercials are that despite being funny, they don’t aim to offend any person or brand. A funny ad is considered best when it grabs the viewers’ attention and stays in mind for some time. This in turn brings positive feelings for the specific brand. The key is to have a commercial that depicts the right balance between funny, relevant, and informative. 

After a long tiring day, most of us sit in front of the TV to enjoy some time and lighten the mood. Every TV channel supports some good-quality commercials. Despite all the commercials, the funny ones make us laugh or at the least, bring a smile to our face.

Funniest TV Commercials of All Time

We have mentioned here the best TV commercials of all time from the 10 most famous and popular brands. The list is compiled keeping in mind the popularity and promotion. 

  1. Ufone
  2. Kenwood
  3. Master Paints
  4. Garnier
  5. Shan Foods
  6. Jazz
  7. Lemon Max
  8. Diamond Supreme Foam
  9. Kurkure
  10. KFC

Let’s take a look at the funniest TV commercials promoted by these brands.


The Ufone commercials have always been iconic and most funny of all. In this commercial, Ufone features its ‘Jhatka’ offer. The doctors continue to give electric shocks to the patient to make him alive but one talk about Ufone Jhatka offer gets him alive.

The commercial is all about its amazing super-call offer. The scene outlines a mummy stored in a box for many years and the role players make a joke about it. But as soon as the Ufone super call offer is talked about, the mummy gets alive and all of them run for an escape. 

The funniest of all and which I bet everyone remembers is the most popular commercial by Ufone in which is highlighted its clear voice and fast network coverage. The slogan ‘Teri Meherbani’ hits many of us with laughter every time we see the commercial. 


Kenwood commercials air Nawazudin Siddique and Ayesha Khan. The commercial shows ‘Choti Moti Nok Jhok’ between the couple. The funny part is when the husband doesn’t give his mobile to his wife to which the wife gets suspicious and demands the phone. Kenwood guarantees electricity consumption but can not save you from the wife. 

Nawazudin Siddique continues with his humor in front of his wife’s friends. After promoting the benefits of Kenwood AC, he continues with his antiques in front of Ayesha Khan’s friends. 

Master Paints 

The commercial includes a scene of marriage proposal talks being held between two families. All the decision is entirely based on the authority figure of the house who doesn’t answer in anything except when the talk is about the paint of house and kicks the potential groom out of the house considering his wrong choice of paint. 

Yet another commercial by Master Paints is based on a slogan, ‘Yeh Kaam Tou Master Ka Hai’. The commercial highlights the Father in Law who in every situation repeats the same slogan. It ends with husband and wife getting scared of the voice from the picture of Father in Law which makes it funnier. 


This commercial is about getting clearer skin with 3 products all in 1, ‘Get It All’. It starts with Hania Amir who visits her tailor to get a dress stitched according to her choice. The tailor gets confused with her description and makes an awkward dress instead. Based on this commercial, you can’t get all designs in 1 dress, but you can get a clearer skin with Garnier Active 3 in 1.

Shan Foods

Sometimes perceptions can blind us to the truth, but the ‘Sacha Zaiqa’ goes straight to the heart. This commercial by Shan Foods lets you witness how hearts are won in the epic encounter between Brother in Laws and a Groom. The funny side of the commercial is when all the Brothers in Law underestimate him and pass jokes based on his appearance.


This commercial is actually a taunt from Jazz to Ufone. The commercial gets to a funnier part when two young men make fun of a person who gets thrilled to see the Ufone offer. Advertisers are well aware of the fact that they need to make their brand value stand high to compete with their competitors.

This funny commercial is a collaboration between Jazz and Mcdonald. The ad features Momin Saqib who talks about Jazz Super 4G feature. The actor tries to make his friend jealous of the amazing discounts on Jazz and Mcdonald which he was enjoying. The impact of this commercial was profound for the viewers and more and more of them subscribed to the amazing offer. 

Lemon Max

The commercial features the iconic Fahad Mustafa and Maya Ali. It is about the magical powers of a dishwashing soap. The background music of the commercial syncs with an Indian song. The commercial takes a funnier turn when the mother gets ready to go with a couple on a long drive. 

Diamond Supreme Foam

This commercial by Diamond Supreme Foam promotes its best quality mattress with a promising 12 years warranty period. Diamond Supreme gives importance to the loved ones and therefore, in this commercial a husband and wife are portrayed who are doing room preparations for the wifes’ parents who are going to visit them. The commercial gets funny when the husband comments about the long stay of parents knowing the warranty period. 


Kurkure features their new flavor ‘Salt & Pepper Masti’. In the commercial is the slogan ‘Terha Hai Per Mera Hai’ which refers to a silly friend with whom you would like to share your Kurkure with. This funny commercial of all time went viral portraying a silly yet a good friend who tries to find a solution to a video gone wrong and ends up hanging from the ceiling fan. 

Another iconic commercial by Kurkure again features a ‘Terha Friend’. The friend tries to secure a seat on the bus for the late-coming friends at the back of the bus. In order to do that, he displays it as the snake is in the bus and everybody starts screaming and leaves the bus. In the end, his friends praise him for being a ‘Terha Friend’ always. 


The commercial by KFC begins with a smooth story of a boy and a girl but a third party comes in between. That third party was referred to as ‘Yeh Bahar Ki Party Hai!’. KFC introduced three new additions to the family of zinger burgers. These three new flavors were Mexican, Moroccan, & Texas BBQ. So, in this funny commercial the boy feels tensed after hearing about the ‘Bahar Ki Party’ but ends up being surprised after the order from KFC gets delivered at home. The commercial has gone viral, increasing the sales of the three new flavors at KFC.


All the TV commercials mentioned above communicate brand values at the most and most importantly, they are shareworthy and memorable.

We hope that these best and funny commercials roundup was entertaining for you.