Google Launches Interview Warmup for Practising Job Interviews

google interview warmup

Google has always been helpful for us such as providing job listings and resources for starting an internet business. Recently, under the go-ahead with google effort, Google has introduced a new website called Interview Warmup. The website serves as a resource for people who want to feel more confident and at ease when answering interview questions. 

Interview Warm Up

Interview Warm up is a new product developed by Google that employs artificial intelligence to help people prepare for job interviews. It asks standard interview questions and transcribes replies in real-time as part of Google’s Grow and Career Certification initiatives. Interview Warmup was originally intended to assist Google Career Certificate students in preparing for job interviews, but it is now open to anybody. Using voice-to-text or the keyboard, users can practise answering common interview questions as well as job-specific questions chosen by an industry expert.

How to Use?

Click on ‘Start Practice’ on the Interview Warmup website. Users will be prompted to choose the career or field for which they are preparing for the interview on the following screen, and once they do, they will be asked five questions at random. According to Google, these questions were chosen by experts in their disciplines. Users must click ‘Answer’ after the website has read the question and begin expressing their response.

Types of Question

There are three sorts of questions in the Interview Warm Up:

  • Background information: Including previous training and experience
  • Situational: How certain issues have been addressed in the past and maybe addressed in the future.
  • Technical: This category encompasses knowledge and talents and is commonly used to investigate how hypothetical problems might be addressed.

Google’s algorithms will employ machine learning to find patterns and produce insights in user responses, in addition to providing the private reviews. This comprises:

  • Job-related phrases are highlighted in answers that are pertinent to a specific field.
  • The most often used phrases are those that have been used three or more times and offer alternatives.
  • Google’s artificial intelligence is used to find crucial elements in responses, such as skills, experience, and lessons gained.

Insights will help you uncover trends in your replies. It won’t evaluate your responses or tell you which parts of your answer were correct or incorrect. Rather, it will show the phrases you use at work, the words you use the most, and the themes you cover.

Tool Compatibility

The Google Interview Warm Up Tool is compatible with the most recent versions of Chrome for OSX, Windows, and Android, as well as the most recent version of Safari for iOS.

Do the Right Thing with Google

Make your interview skills remarkable with Google and overcome your interview anxiety with it. Interview warmup will boost your confidence during the interview and make it easy for you to answer the questions in a much better way.

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