Google Updates its ‘Ad’ Label to ‘Sponsored’ for Better Mobile Search



  • Google Search is the most popular internet search engine today. 
  • The new features of google are mainly aimed at mobile users. 
  • The tech giant is also adding site names and larger icons for further clarity of advertisements.

People from all around the world use Google to find information from diverse sources and formats. 

Since the feature’s debut, the technical behemoth has made changes to both mobile and web searches. It is releasing a few updates now as well.

However, the new updates this time only affect mobile searches. They are being added to make it easier for mobile users to distinguish between search results from advertisements and legitimate sources.

Renaming the ad tag to sponsored when the search results are shown in the mobile searches is among the most user-friendly changes launched this time.

You’ve probably noticed some links in the search results with the “ad” labels placed in the top left corner. At times, it becomes very difficult for us to differentiate between the links from trusted resources and the ad links.

In light of this, google has changed the label “Ad” to “sponsored” with the latest revisions. 

It’s worth mentioning though that this label will appear in the line above the URL rather than in the top left corner.

Another change made by the giant tech is the addition of site names and larger icons.

We provide site names in mobile search results so you can tell at a glance which website is related to each result. We’re also changing the size and shape of the website icons that display in Search, Google said in an official announcement.

As per google, the new features will further extend to search advertisements to enhance transparency and clarity for advertisers at once. 

It is however important to note that these search page updates are now rolling out on mobile only. Google said:

These search page improvements are progressively making their way to mobile devices. The company will soon be trying a comparable experience on PC as well.

The number.1 internet search engine has also launched some new features for google chrome and android phones. Users will enjoy enhanced security with them.

As per resources, the new security features will let you verify your identity by using pins or biometric authentications instead of passwords while logging into a website or app. The tech titan positions itself as a more secure choice for users than the usual two-factor authentication procedure.

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