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Google is completely changing the look of Android

Right from the start, we are observing that designs have made it quite easier for mobiles to be used giving a more personal touch to the person. In 2014, Google introduced a design named ‘Material’ to address the explosion of mobile phones. It had set a new standard for android apps and for Google, it elucidated the products in a more simpler and beautiful way. 

With a single goal of building a more helpful google for everyone, Google crossed an amazing milestone. Android 12 beta is one of the most ambitious releases by Google ever. We come across bigger challenges and competitors with every advancement in technology. Just like humans tend to differ based on their individuality, they would love to take this individuality to their experience of mobile phones. And for this very reason, Google has introduced an entirely new and enticing design in its Android 12 beta. This design is based on a system which they termed ‘Material You’ and people are surprised to see that it is the biggest turn in the history of Android’s design. 

Let us walk you through its overhauled interface and amazing new and most important changes in features being introduced in Android 12.

New UI

Material You is here to satisfy every need of its users and is a radical new way to think about design. It revamps the way you use colors, shapes, lights, and motion, and all this is inspired by Material You. The specialty of this design makes its users the co-creator, letting you transform the look and feel of all your apps including the layout of your mobile phone. You can design every style that will flex to every screen and is fit for every device. The result is one of a kind design. It allows customization so you can have everything you need right at your finger steps. To blend in the user styles and staying unique and beautiful, Google is letting you uniquely tailor your products for a perfect fit. 

Quick Settings

Talking about Android 12 quick settings, it lets you access Google Pay and Home Controls for all devices connected. It has a setting to integrate all the devices together with your phone at the center. The transformations introduced can travel with you anywhere on any linked device.


To secure personal information, the operating system is secure by default and private by design. Google is taking things more seriously and introduces a new privacy dashboard to have access to permissions. 

Performance and Efficiency

Android 12 introduces a more fluid system with better performance and power efficiency. The result is a more responsive device with long battery life.

Scrolling Screenshots

One of the most amazing and useful features, Android 12 supports scrolling screenshots. This lets you capture everything in a single go.

Concluding Remarks

There is so much transformative technology coming to you this year in the fall with a lot more to explore in this new design.

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