Google Maps Now Introduces Indoor Directions

Google has released a range of new updates for its Google Maps service. The introduction of augmented reality technologies, which can effectively help users navigate around indoor spaces such as airports, shopping centers, and train stations, is perhaps the coolest feature under the hood.

The Live View AR feature is what Google is calling it, and it seems to be promising.

When you look at your phone’s display, the revamped Google Maps feature overlays interactive guides on top of real-world directions.

Let’s presume you’re searching for your assigned gate or an ATM at an airport. If the physical signs along the way don’t make sense, your geeky instinct will tell you to use Google Maps. After choosing the necessary choices and clicking the Start button, arrows and other digital signs will appear on your phone’s screen to direct you.

Unfortunately, these indoor AR directions aren’t yet widely accessible: they’re actually only available in a few malls in Chicago, Long Island, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle. In the coming months, Google will roll out indoor Live View directions in select Tokyo and Zurich transit stations, airports, and malls, with more cities “on the way,” according to the firm.

In terms of rollouts, Google has announced that the feature will be available in a limited number of states for testing purposes. The organization plans to carry out the new feature internationally in the coming months, beginning with the United States.

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