WhatsApp to Introduce Two New Features: Community Tabs and Group Polls

Group Polls and Community Tabs features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app with over 2 billion active monthly users (in 2021) as reported by Statistica. It’s fun, it’s easy to use, and keeps you connected with your friends and family. 

While it has simple and intuitive features, the app is moving towards advanced features with more functionalities. The two latest features that are in the news these days include the Community Tabs feature and the Polls in Group Chat feature. 

Polls in Group Chat

Group chats keep us all entertained and united in one place. Whether it’s a family group or a friends group, sharing memes, the latest news or just chatting endlessly makes for a great time. 

To make groups more fun, WhatsApp is soon to launch the Group Poll feature. It will allow users to poll for opinions within WhatsApp groups. 

While it is not certain when the feature will be available, we are already excited to use it!! 

Community Tabs

Apart from introducing polls in groups, WhatsApp is coming with another interesting feature referred to as the Community tabs. The news comes from WABetaInfo which is a popular feature tracker. 

With this feature, group admins will be able to add groups to the community, based on certain criteria. Only specific groups will be allowed to become a part of the community. 

It is believed that a Community tab icon will replace the camera icon for this feature. Another update reveals that the Community tab will serve as a shortcut for the “Community Home” feature. 

Like the poll feature, the community tab feature is underway and is being tested in the beta phase. 

Try The Beta Program 

When a new feature is introduced, it first goes through the alpha (prototype) and then the beta (testing) phase. You can join the beta program to test new features before they are launched. 

Open the app store, type WhatsApp, and scroll down below. You will see a ‘Beta Program’ option. If you are lucky and there are seats available, you can join the program to test the new features. 

More Features are on Their Way!!!

Other than the group poll and community tab feature, you can expect many other developments from WhatsApp. 

As the app continually strives to improve itself, you will see much more than just messaging. Keep an eye on the Beta Program and be the first to catch the latest features!!!

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