Complete List of Gujranwala Postal Code 2024


In this article, we will explore the zip codes Gujranwala for different regions within the city. These codes will help you showcase your exact location better and minimize inconvenience. We have added the postal codes from trusted sources to ensure the most accurate information is delivered to our audience. 

What is the Postal Code of Gujranwala?

Gujranwala is one of Pakistan’s major cities and is ranked 5th among the most populous regions in the country. The Gujranwala zip code/postal code is 52200. 

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List of Gujranwala Postal Codes

Below is a complete list of postal codes of Gujranwala:

Areas in GujranwalaPostal Code Gujranwala
Ahmad Nagar52070
Ali Pur Chatha52080
Botala Sardar Jhanda Singh52340
Budha Goraya52356
Emin Abad52460
Emin Abad More52450
Gujranwala Anwar Industries52300
Gujranwala Cantt52230
Gujranwala Climax Abad52290
Gujranwala G.P.O.52250
Gujranwala Peoples Colony52260
Gujranwala Secondary Board52256
Hafiz Abad52110
Jalalpur Nau52170
Jalil Town52302
Kamo Ke52470
Ladhewala Waraich52320
Nowshera Virkan52370
Nizam Abad52020
Nizam Pur Gujranwala52410
Pindi Bhatian52180
Qasirabad Colony52100
Qila Didar Singh52330
Qila Mian Singh52360
Rasul Nagar52090
Soharan Chatha52342
Sukheke Mandi52160
Talwandi Rahwali52280
Tatley Aali52380
Vania Wala52404
Wahdat Colony52254
Wanike Tarar52104
Wapda Town52132
Gondalan Wala52310
Gujranwala Anwar Industries52300
Ladhe Wala Waraich52320
Naushera Virkan52370
Sukhe Ke Mandi52160
College Road05227
Commissioner Office05228
Farid Town Po05222
Farooq Ganj05223
Fatto Mand05224
Fazal Fruit Market05225
Gujranwala Gpo05221
Gujranwala Kutchery05229
Jamia Ashrafia Po05230
Mohalla Krishan Nagar05233
Mohallah Islamabad05232
Mubarik Colony05234
Muslim Road05235
S&S Ep Centre05237
Saddiqe Akbar Town05238
Saghir Shaheed Road05239
Satellite Town05240
Session Court05241
Small Industries Estate Po05242
Urdu Bazar05236
Anwar Industries52300
GRW Cantt52230
Climax Abad52290
GRW GPO52250
Peoples Colony52260
Secondary Board52256

Importance of Knowing the Postal Code of Gujranwala

It is important for everyone to be aware of their region’s postal codes to deliver mail to desired locations easily. Knowing the Gujranwala postcode will help you easily receive and send mail to exact locations without any confusion. It will also help you complete documentation for government and private institutes that require your exact location. 

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How to Find the Postal Code for a Specific Area in Gujranwala

If you wish to find the zip code Gujranwala for your specific location, you can check out our complete article or other online resources like the Pakistan Post. There, you will find postcodes for major regions within Gujranwala city. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the postal code of Gujranwala?

The Gujranwala zip code/postal code is 52200.

  1. What is the zip code for Gujranwala?

The Gujranwala zip code/postal code is 52200.

  1. What is the code of Gujranwala?

The Gujranwala zip code/postal code is 52200.

  1. What is the postal code of Gujranwala in 2024?

The Gujranwala zip code/postal code is 52200.

  1. What is Gujranwala Postal code Satellite Town?

The Gujranwala Postal code Satellite Town is 05240.

  1. What is the Nowshera Virkan Gujranwala Postal code?

The Nowshera Virkan Gujranwala Postal code is 52370.


This was our detailed guide on the postal codes of Gujranwala. We hope you were able to find the zip code for your desired region in Gujranwala. Check out post codes for other major cities of Pakistan and popular courier services on BlogPakistan

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