900 Pilgrims Die Due Intense Heat – Hajj 2024

900 Pilgrims Die Due Intense Heat - Hajj 2024

During the holy month of Hajj, millions of people visit Saudi Arabia to perform their religious duties called Hajj. These Pilgrims face numerous challenges during their journey within Saudi Arabia such as hot climate. 

During Hajj 2024 the temperatures in Saudi Arabia were at all time high, in some places the temperature rose up to 50 degree celcius. This extreme weather caused alot of problems for pilgrims. 

According to Saudia’s state news agency on Tuesday, at least 900 pilgrims died during the Hajj 2024 due to excessive hot temperatures. Out of these 900 in total, 323 pilgrims were from Egypt only.

The temperature in the area where rukan were to be performed have been raised by 0.4-degree Celsius, (0.72 degrees Fahrenheit) per decade on average. On Monday, the temperature rose to record high 51.8 degrees Celsius in Mecca, according to the Saudi Meteorology Center. 

In related news, Egypt’s foreign minister announced that Cairo was working with Saudi authorities to find the missing Egyptian pilgrims.  Meanwhile, Saudi authorities are providing medical treatment to more than 2000 pilgrims who have suffering from heat related sickness and burns. 

However, there have been no updates since Sunday from Saudi authorities.

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