A List of Places to Get Hi-Tea in Peshawar: Menus & Prices

Hi tea in Peshawar

Ready to eat some delicious finger food, high-quality snacks, and mouthwatering desserts? Then Hi-tea is the place to be. Covering that awkward gap between lunch and dinner it offers the perfect meal to supplement your day. The historical city of Peshawar has a lot to offer in terms of good quality Hi-tea.

From modern cafes to classic hotels, there is something here for everyone. Here we list the top places to get Hi-tea in Peshawar, so you can have a fun-filled outing with your friends and family.

Hi-Tea in Peshawar

Finding the perfect place for Hi-tea can be a time-consuming task. Fear not, for here we have listed the top 8 restaurants offering the best Hi-tea in Peshawar along with their timings, rate, menus, and contact details. 

#RestaurantTimingRate in PKRContactAddress
1Chaye Khana4:00 – 6:30 pm865/-0312 5702482University Road Peshawar
2Gloria Jeans3:00 – 6:00 pm600/-(091) 5810050Hayatabad, Peshawar
3Pearl Continental Peshawar2:00 – 6:30pm
Fri and Sat
1250/-(091) 111 505 505Khyber Rd, Peshawar Golf Club, Peshawar
4Fort Continental Peshawar 2:00 – 5:00pm850/- + tax(091) 2552201Firdos Chowk, Grand Trunk Rd, Hashtnagri, Peshawar
5Shelton’s Rezidor3:30 – 5:00pm
5:15 – 6:30pm
799/- + Tax(091) 5701202University Road, Tahkal, Peshawar
6The Green Olive’s Restaurant3:00 – 6:00pm750/- + tax(091) 5272367Garrison Park, Bashirabad, Peshawar
7Peshawar Services Club2:30 – 5:30pm
Fri and Sat
Fri – 400/- +tax
Sat – 500/- +tax
(091) 9212753Peshawar Cantonment, Peshawar
8Bread Chef Cafe and Bakers3:30 – 6:30 pm650/- + tax(091) 5613666Sher Khan Rd, Bashirabad, Peshawar

1. Chaaye Khana

Hi-Tea at Chaaye Khana
Hi-Tea Menu

Chaaye Khana revolutionized the concept of a chai dhaba in Pakistan converting it into a modern-day tea-house. With tea so integrated into our culture and our daily norms, this was an instant hit. Their Hi-tea offers a variety of items including continental, Pakistani, and Chinese dishes.

Hi-Tea Timing at Chaaye Khana Peshawar: 4:00 – 6:30 pm                 

Price of Hi-tea at Chaaye Khana Peshawar: 865/-                                

For Reservations Contact: 0312 5702482

2. Gloria Jeans Coffee

Molten Lava Cake with Ice-cream
Hi-tea Menu

Gloria Jeans is a name synonymous with coffee, but that’s not all that you can have at the cafe. The Gloria Jeans Peshawar outlet offers a variety of desserts, drinks, and salads along with continental and Chinese main courses. Their cakes are the talk of the town offering deliciousness in every bite.

Hi-Tea timing at Gloria Jean’s Coffee Peshawar: 3:00 – 6:00 pm                 

Price of Hi-Tea at Gloria Jean’s Coffee Peshawar: 600/-                                

For Reservations Contact: (091) 5810050

3. Pearl Continental Peshawar

Chat Corner

The Pearl Continental Peshawar keeping up with its reputation offers luxury and quality at every step. Their hi-tea is no different. Served on Friday and Saturday, it offers a variety of dishes savoury as well as sweet dishes. Their croissants, bread rolls, and sandwiches are some of the best that Peshawar has to offer.

Hi-Tea Timings at Pearl Continental Peshawar: 2:00 – 6:30 pm, Fri and Sat

Price of Hi-tea at Pearl Continental Peshawar: 1250/-                              

For Reservations Contact: (091) 111 505 505 

4. Fort Continental Peshawar


The Fort Continental offers luxury at affordable rates. The Balahisar Restaurant located in Fort Continental hotel offers a variety of more than 50 dishes in its Hi-tea menu. These range from Pakistani, Chinese, and Italian dishes and also include a number of soups and salads. Their expertise in a variety of cuisine has something to offer for everyone’s palate.

Hi-Tea Timing at Fort Continental Peshawar: 2:00 – 5:00pm                  

Price of Hi-Tea at Fort Continental Peshawar: 850/- + tax                       

For Reservations Contact: (091) 2552201

5. Shelton’s Rezidor

Deesert Bar
Hi-tea Menu

The Shelton’s Rezidor is one of the most popular Hi-teas in the city of Peshawar. Offered in two shifts it incorporates a variety of 50+ dishes. These include Salads, Chat, desserts, and drinks. Their main course includes Chinese, Pakistani, and Fast food dishes. Their mouthwatering desserts and fresh rejuvenating salads make them stand apart from the rest in this list.

Hi-tea Timings at Shelton’s Rezidor Peshawar: 3:30 – 5:00pm, 5:15 – 6:30pm 

Price of Hi-Tea at Shelton’s Rezidor Peshawar: 799/- + Tax 

For Reservations Contact: (091) 5701202

6. The Green Olive’s Restaurant

Dessert Corner
Hi-tea Menu

The Green Olive restaurant offers a variety of Chinese dishes along with finger food, chats, and salads. Their BBQ and fried items are a hit amongst the locals. Do visit this restaurant for a relaxed and refreshing dining experience.

Hi-Tea Timings at Green Olive Restaurant, Peshawar: 3:00 – 6:00pm                  

Price of Hi-Tea at Green Olive Restaurant, Peshawar: 750/- + tax                       

For Reservations Contact: (091) 5272367

7. Peshawar Services Club


The Peshawar Services Club is a one-stop-shop for all events and entertainment for its club members. The club regularly hosts buffet dinners, hi-teas, Sunday Brunch, Live music and Qawwali nights,  etc. The Hi-tea is held every Friday and offers a selection of Pakistani, Chinese, and Continental dishes. The lush green lawns and relaxed ambiance add to the vibe of the place and visitors enjoy a pleasant evening with their loved ones. 

Hi-Tea Timing at Peshawar Services Club: 5:00 – 7:00 pm on Fridays 

Price of Hi-tea at Peshawar Services Club: 500/- + tax

For Reservations Contact: (091) 9212753

8. Bread Chef Cafe and Bakers

Entrance Facade
Outdoor Ambiance

The Bread Chef Cafe and Bakers located in Bashirabad Peshawar offer a variety of delicious savory and sweet dishes on their Hi-tea menu. Their mouthwatering taste and prompt service make people keep coming back for more. The cafe offers a modern ambiance and a cool vibe for its customers.

Hi-Tea Timing at Bread Chef and Cafe Peshawar: 3:30 – 6:30 pm                 

Price of H-tea at Bread Chef and Cafe Peshawar: 650/- + tax                       

For Reservations Contact: (091) 5613666

Let’s Eat!

Going through such delicious menus certainly activates the hunger pangs! Peshawar is a unique city offering a blend of traditions and modernity as is reflected in its food. The above article lists all the best places to get Hi-tea in Peshawar along with their rates and contact details. Do try them out and have a splendid time with your family and friends.

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