14 Highest Paying Jobs & Professions in Pakistan: 2023 Updated

Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country, and the job market is ever-fluctuating. Among this uncertainty, acquiring a stable, financially rewarding job is everyone’s goal. While lucrative salaries may seem unreachable to some they can be attained through relevant skills, education, and experience. Use this list of the highest-paying jobs in Pakistan to prepare for, target, and acquire the job of your dreams.

List of Highest Paying Jobs & Professions in Pakistan

Here we have researched and listed the top 14 highest-paying jobs and professions in Pakistan for 2023.

  1. Chartered Accountant
  2. I.T. Professional
  3. Doctor
  4. Judges 
  5. Lawyers
  6. Bank Managers
  7. C.E.O.
  8. Cyber Security Manager
  9. Dentists
  10. Pilots
  11. Audit Manager
  12. Nuclear Engineer
  13. University Lecturers
  14. Aviation Manager

1. Chartered Accountant

Salary Range: PKR 100K – PKR 12M

Being a Chartered Accountant is the highest-paid job in Pakistan. A qualified CA can be appointed as a Chief Accountant, Auditor, Chief Financial Officer, or Financial Analyst in any given company. Given their expertise and experience, they are offered lucrative salaries, and even fresh graduates are hired at a minimum of PKR 100,000 per month, which then increases over time.

The CA or ACCA examinations are certified by an international body. Hence the qualifications are accepted across the globe.

2. I.T. Professionals

Salary Range: PKR 50,000 – PKR 162,000

The process of going digital for companies across the globe has been accelerated manyfold due to the covid 19 pandemic. This has increased the already growing demand for qualified software engineers, website developers, android developers, ios developers, etc. The increased demand and short supply have led to highly competitive salaries in this field.

A talented and qualified I.T. professional can earn anywhere between PKR 50,000 to 162,000 at software houses and multinationals across the country.

3. Physicians and Surgeons

Salary Range: PKR 61,000 to PKR 462,000

Physicians and Surgeons are one of the most highly qualified professionals in the job market. This career requires long years of study and dedication. It is a high-risk job requiring extensive knowledge and lengthy work experience. 

While newly graduated doctors earn little more than the average salary, highly qualified physicians and surgeons are well compensated for their stressful work and can earn upwards of 400,000 per month.

4. Judges

Salary Range: PKR 135,000 to PKR 388,000 

The judiciary forms one of the four pillars of a state. Judges are the foundation of a balanced society. The huge responsibility and extensive study required for this role warrant their high salaries. The role of a judge is highly revered in every society, the many examinations and years of experience required for this role justify the salary amounting to 390,000 per month.

5. Lawyers

Salary Range: PKR 110,000 to PKR 314,000 

Being a lawyer is a highly respected profession in Pakistan. Lawyers can specialize in many different domains, including Corporate Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, International Law, Environment Law, Intellectual Property Law, Real Estate Law, Tax Law, Immigration Law, etc.

Hence there are ample opportunities for qualified lawyers, and they are always in high demand. This profession requires an LLB degree and years of relevant experience in the field. While starting lawyers may earn around PKR 40,000 only as they gain experience the salary reaches upwards of PKR 300,000.

6. Bank Managers

Salary Range: PKR 103,000 to PKR 296,000 

Bank Managers are responsible for a horde of funds and investments. It is a critical job, and one must ensure that people can trust the bank with their hard-earned money. The high responsibility and risk associated with this job warrant its high remuneration.

An MBA is ideal for this job. However, years of experience in banking and knowledge of the banking system are what is essential for this role. Bank Managers can earn close to PKR 300,000 per month.

7. Chief Executive Officers (CEO)

Salary Range: PKR 96,700 to PKR 277,000 

Chief Executive Officers are the captain of the company. They determine the direction of a company and ensure that it stays its course throughout. They overlook processes from initiation to completion and are responsible for moving the organization forward. 

There is a high level of responsibility associated with this role, and their decisions impact the fate of an entire company and its employees. The risks involved with this job entail some benefits, too, including high salaries of upwards of PKR 250,000.

8. Cyber Security Manager

Salary Range: PKR 50,000 to PKR 150,000

Cyber Security is the need of today. Cybercrime is ever rampant, and cybersecurity is a requirement of every organization. The government of Pakistan has paid special emphasis on cybersecurity and made laws associated with it. Due to the potential impact of a cybersecurity breach, companies are now hiring competent and qualified individuals in this field.

Cybersecurity Managers earn hefty remuneration for their work and can also do remote work for foreign companies and freelance organizations, earning their salary in dollars.

9. Dentist

Salary Range: PKR 87,100 to PKR 250,000 

Dentistry is a highly specialized field. It requires extensive study and experience in the field. Apart from that, it is a high-cost industry that entails imported equipment and medicines. Dentists with good reviews earn hefty salaries due to their highly skilled job.

Dentistry requires a 5-year graduation course plus relevant work experience. A good dentist can earn up to 2.5 lacks per month.

10. Pilot

Salary Range: PKR 64,500 to PKR 185,000 

Being a pilot may sound thrilling, but it is a demanding job that involves high risk. As a pilot, one is responsible for hundreds of lives every day and has to be ready for all potential circumstances. 

In order to become a pilot, one has to undergo rigorous training programs. The high risk and responsibility of this job warrant a high salary of up to 1,85,000 PKR.

Audit Manager

Salary Range: PKR 50,000 – PKR 200,000

An audit Manager’s role is to manage and arrange audits in accordance with the audit plan. An Audit Manager is in charge of organizing and administering internal audits in accordance with audit plans.

Audit Manager is a highly respected and well-paid job in Pakistan. Salaries for Audit Managers can vary widely depending on factors such as the company, industry, location, experience, and qualifications. 

Nuclear Engineer

Salary Range: PKR 80,000 – PKR 250,000

Isn’t the term nuclear engineer intriguing? A nuclear engineer’s main goal is to research and create the processes, instruments, and systems used to derive benefits from nuclear energy and radiation. Many of these engineers seek commercial and medical applications for radioactive materials. To get this job, you must be extremely skilled and research-oriented.

University Lecturers

Salary Range: PKR 40,000 – PKR 350,000

A high degree of education and extensive experience is required to become a university lecturer. Lecturers in Pakistan’s educational sphere who lectures in their specialized subjects receive attractive salary packages. Teachers are classified according to their position, which determines their pay. It begins with a lecturer and progresses to the best-paid position of professor.

Aviation Manager

Salary Range: PKR 150,000 – PKR 575,000

An aviation manager’s job is to ensure the safety and navigation of any aircraft. This is also one of the highest-paying positions available. An aviation manager’s workplace environment is also very appealing. To be hired for this position, an individual must have specialized training and expertise.

The Final Word

Pakistan’s economy may not be the best in the world, but there nonetheless exist opportunities that will help you earn the income of your dreams. Use our list of highest-paying jobs in Pakistan to gain insight into the job market and target the job that satisfies your intellectual capabilities as well as your financial needs.

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