10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World in 2021

Highest paying jobs in the world

Whether you are a newbie just stepping into the big bad world or a seasoned professional looking to switch fields. This list will guide you in deciding your career aspirations and in making a decision based on both your passion and monetary fulfillment.

Highest Paying Jobs in the World

The highest-paying jobs include positions in the fields of healthcare, information technology, management, finance, engineering, and law. These jobs require tertiary-level education, training, work experience, and/or licensure. This training equips you with valuable skills and you are then well compensated for your efforts.

Listed below are the top 10 highest-paying jobs worldwide.

  1. Neurosurgeon
  2. Anesthesiologist
  3. Surgeon
  4. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  5. Obstetrician
  6. Orthodontist
  7. Psychiatrist
  8. General Practitioner (GP)
  9. CEO
  10. IT Systems Manager
  1. Neurosurgeon

Average Salary: $381,500

The highest-paid job worldwide is that of a Neurosurgeon. 

A Neurosurgeon is a doctor that diagnoses and surgically treats illnesses of the Brain, Spinal Cord, and peripheral nervous system. It is one of the most demanding jobs professionally and requires many years of education and training.

Post completing your doctor’s training you will be required to finish a one-year internship in general surgery and between five to seven years in a Neurosurgery Residency program.

2. Anesthesiologist

Average Salary: $265,000

Anesthesiologists are the physicians who administer general or local anesthesia before, during, or after surgical procedures. They monitor a patient’s vital signs during invasive procedures and make instant decisions.

Their expertise is also required outside the operating room in invasive radiology and endoscopy procedures etc.

In order to become an Anesthesiologist, you require a doctoral degree and 4-year training in an anesthesiology residency program.

3. Surgeon

Average Salary: $251,000

Surgeons frequently figure in the top-5 highest-paid jobs in the world. Their responsibilities include pre-operative diagnoses, performing surgeries, and post-operative patient care. It requires the commitment of working long hours, bearing the stress of life-threatening scenarios, and always being on duty.

In order to become a surgeon, you have to complete your doctorate, an internship program, and residency specializing in a particular surgical domain.

4. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon 

Average Salary: $243,500

An Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon performs surgeries of the face, mouth, and jaw. Their work runs the gamut from treating facial traumas to fixing cleft lips. They have the expertise to diagnose and treat patients with head, neck, and oral cancer. They are licensed to administer anesthesia and perform cosmetic procedures such as facelifts. 

This is a field of life-long learning as the technology involved in diagnosing and treating oral and facial injuries is constantly in evolution.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons are professional dentists with at least four more years of specialist surgery training.

5. Obstetrician and Gynaecologist 

Average Salary: $235,240

An obstetrician is a surgeon who specializes in childbirth whereas a Gynaecologist is a physician who deals with all aspects of a woman’s reproductive health.

These specialists are essential to every society and remain in high demand. In order to become an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, one must complete doctoral training followed by a residency program in Gynecology and Obstetrics.

6. Orthodontist

Average Salary: $228,500

Orthodontists are specialists in the structural basis of teeth and jaw. They diagnose and treat dental irregularities and help align patient teeth and by fixing them up with braces and retainers 

In order to become an Orthodontist, you have to first study to become a dentist and then enroll in a postgraduate Orthodontist training program.

7. Psychiatrist

Average Salary: $216,090

Among the highest-paid jobs in the world is that of a Psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are doctors who specialize in ailments of the mind and in mental health. Our mind is our most powerful organ and holds immense influence over our physical health. 

Psychiatrists evaluate and diagnose patients. They design treatment plans for patient therapy. These include patients with diseases like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression, etc. These are treated with psychotherapy, drugs, and hospital stays.

In order to become a Psychiatrist, you must complete your medical training and then specialize in Psychiatry. 

8. General Practitioner (GP)

Average Salary: $208,560

The General Physician is the first point of contact for all patients. GPs have a broad knowledge of health conditions. They diagnose and treat ailments or recommend you to a specialist if required.

In order to become a physician, you need to join a residency program post completing your medical degree. This will then entitle you to obtain a physician license. 

9. CEO

Average Salary: $200,140

Chief Executive Officers are the captain of the ship. They steer the company towards achieving its goals through making strategies, and policies. They plan, coordinate and direct all initiatives of the company and directly oversee the Chief Operating Officers COOs and the Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), etc.

Education is helpful but this is more of a skill-based job. Dedication is key to the role as a lot of people are dependent on your expertise to lead them. Leadership, communication, decision-making, and management skills come in handy while working as a CEO. This position requires experience in the industry you are employed in and having natural charisma is always a plus for the role.

10. IT systems manager

Average Salary: $142,530

IT Systems Manager is a highly in-demand role. Their job is to protect office networks from hackers and malware, maintain software and hardware through regular upgrades, and resolve any technical issues that may arise. In the ever-changing technology spectrum, companies require highly skilled IT specialists, to keep them up to date.

Passion for IT, problem-solving ability, and good interpersonal skills are a plus for this role.

Having a degree in Computer Science is a good place to start and combined with years of experience can help you become a great IT Systems Manager.


Combining your passion with the market trends and requirements shall lead you to a future of intellectual fulfillment and monetary success. Keep these jobs in mind when deciding on your career path and you shall be well on your way to a financially secure future.

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