8 Hiking Trails in Islamabad – Location and Nearby Spots

Hiking Trails in Islamabad

Hiking is one of those activities that take you close to nature and keep you physically fit at the same time. You can enjoy the activity with friends and family alike and make wonderful memories that last forever. 

Islamabad is blessed with multiple venues for hiking and if you are visiting the city, you should try hiking at least once. 

In this article, we will go through 8 hiking trails in Islamabad with their location and nearby places so you can easily visit them. 

Hiking Trails in Islamabad

Below are 8 hiking trails in Islamabad that you can explore on your next hiking trip! We have mentioned trail locations and nearby places. 

#Hiking Trails in IslamabadStarting Point
1Trail 1Village Kelenjar
2Trail 2E-7, near the Pedestrian walkway
3Trail 3Main Margalla Road, F-6/3
4Trail 4E7, near Wild Mild Cafe
5Trail 5Margalla Road, F-5
6Trail 6Faisal Mosque, E7
7Talhaar Ridge TrailTalhar road
8Ratta Hotar Murad GaliRed Zone, near Lohay Dandi Road

Now let’s talk about each hiking track, its location, and nearby places that you can visit. 

1. Trail 1

Trail 1

If you want a full leg stretch and rewarding views, visit trail 1. While the trail is not popular and gets few visitors, the views are spectacular. 

This is the place to go if you want to hike alone and want a quiet space away from the city crowd. 

It isn’t well managed by CDA and the bushes have covered most of the track, yet for experienced hikers, this trail is worth trying. 

Location: Trail 1

The trail is located near Village Kelenjar. You can reach the trail through 9th Avenue, service road, or Faisal avenue. 

Nearby Places

After a 2-hour climb, you will reach the terminal of the Pir Sohawa road. 20 min away from the road you will find the famous Monal Restaurant

2. Trail 2

Trail 2

The trail is located near Islamabad Zoo and is a 1 to 1.5-hour walk. The trail leads to Damn-e-Koh but if you walk further you will reach the cactus ridge.

The track offers serene views and was rehabilitated in 2021. 

Location: Trail 2

The trail is located in E-7, near the Pedestrian walkway. You can reach the trail through 9th Avenue, Margalla road, or Faisal avenue. 

Nearby Places

It starts at Islamabad Zoo and serves as a shortcut to Damn-e-Koh. 

3. Trail 3

Trail 3

Trail 3 is one of the most popular hiking tracks in the city. The trail takes 1.5 hours to complete (600 meters ascend) and is challenging due to steep spots. 

If you are looking for adventure and want to climb a hard trail, this is the one to go! The track is well managed, has resting spots, and is frequently visited by the general public. 

Location: Trail 3

Trails 3 is located on Main Margalla Road, in F-6/3. You can reach the trail through 9th avenue, Margalla road, or Faisal Avenue. 

Nearby Places

The trail takes you to beautiful viewpoints, like Pir Sohawa, Monal, and La Montanna so after a long hike, you can unwind and enjoy! 

4. Trail 4 

Trail 4

Trail 4, like Trail 1 isn’t popular and therefore is a great venue for introverts looking to trek, alone and connect with nature. 

The flatter terrain offers stunning views of Monal, KPK, and the entire Islamabad city along with Rawalpindi. 

Trail 4 also links Trail 3 with Trail 5 so you can change tracks at any time! 

Location: Trail 4

The trail is located in E7, near Wild Mild Cafe. You can reach the trail through 9th avenue, Margalla road, or Faisal avenue. 

Nearby Places

Trail 4 entrance is close to Wild Mild Cafe. It also connects Trail 3, with Trail 5, so you can visit these tracks as well. 

It ends near the Jungle Spot and Pir Sohawa road. 

5. Trail 5

Trail 5

This is a very easy-to-climb trail and runs parallel to Trail 3. It is another popular track and is loved by families. 

It is connected to Trail 3 through Trail 4, so if you want a more challenging trail to hike, you can switch to Trail 3 as well. 

The trail is dog-friendly as the terrain is mostly flat and it leads to Said Pur Village which is beautiful and has tons of restaurants. 

Location: Trail 5

Trails 5 entrance is on Margalla Road, sector F-5. 

Nearby Places

Punjab House Park is located close to the entrance of Trails 5 and the trail connects to Trail 3 through Trail 4. 

6. Trail 6

Trail 6 is another unpopular yet, worth exploring track. It starts from the back side of Faisal Mosque in sector E7. 

As you climb up, the trails will take you to the top terminal of the Pir Sohawa road. There are signs to guide you and on your way, you will find waterfalls that will help you cool down on a warm day. 

The track is loved by hiking enthusiasts but as a beginner, you should consider an easier track instead. 

There is a spot for mountain bikes, as well. 

Location: Trail 6

Trails 6 starts from the back side of Faisal Mosque in sector E7. 

Nearby Places

At the entrance, you will encounter the beautiful Faisal Masjid. 

7. Talhaar Ridge Trail

Talhaar Ridge Trail

The hike is great for those who want a hike full of adventure. It isn’t great for beginners and can be accessed through multiple points like Faisal Mosque trail 4, and the Monal Road. 

The trail is very rewarding and offers views of Talhaar Valley and Islamabad. 

Location: Talhaar Ridge Trail

Head on to Margalla road, then to Pir Sohawa road, and then move onto Talhar road, travel straight and you will reach the track. 

Nearby Places

You can visit the Faisal mosque near the entrance, and you can visit Nooran di Galli, which goes through Kalinjar, a nearby village. 

8. Ratta Hotar Murad Gali

Ratta Hotar Murad Gali

Surrounded by the Margalla Hills, Ratta Hotar is an understated climbing spot! The trail allows you to reach the top of Margalla Hills and is a 4-hour trek in total. The trail connects to Trail 5 so you can move to that as well. 

Location: Ratta Hotar Murad Gali

It is located in the Red Zone, near Lohay Dandi Road. 

Nearby Places

The trail connects to Trail 5, so if you want to switch to an easier track with more people you can do that. As you enter the Ratta Hotar trail, you will find Pir Tariq Gillani House nearby. 

Add Hiking Trails in Islamabad To Your Bucketlist! 

In this article, we went through 8 Hiking trails in Islamabad. We discussed their location and nearby places that you can visit. 

The trails vary in difficulty and as you become more experienced you can explore hidden and unpopular trails. 

Hiking is a healthy and relaxing activity that takes you close to nature, so do plan a hiking event with your friends, and you will not regret it! 

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