A List of Hostels in Islamabad For Boys and Girls

hostels in Islamabad

There are multiple private hostels in different sectors of the capital city. Hostels are the prime necessity for all those who move to different cities for education and work. If you are a student you must come across multiple students belonging from smaller cities moving to big cities for education. While professionals also have come across multiple employees in their work environment who moved to Islamabad for jobs as this city offers multiple job opportunities. For this very reason, there are various hostels in Islamabad spread across different sectors for everyone’s ease. 

This article is meant for those students as well as professionals who have moved to Islamabad either for education or jobs. 

Hostels in Islamabad for Boys and Girls

Below is a comprehensive list of hostels in Islamabad for boys and girls. Find the finest hostels suitable to your requirements based on location and facilities. 

LocationName of HostelsContact Number
Hostels Near Comsats Islamabad-AWANIAN GIRLS HOSTEL 
0333 8931184
0306 9888551
Hostels Near Air University Islamabad-EDISON BOYS HOSTEL
0321 5152709
0315 4888561
Hostels Near Bahria University Islamabad-LAIBA GIRLS HOSTEL
0322 4085868
0300 0500027
0323 5005653
Hostels in I-8 Islamabad-ISLAMABAD HOSTEL FOR BOYS
0332 7617777 
0332 8852765
Hostels in I-9 Islamabad-AROMA BOYS HOSTEL0301 5698814
Hostels in F-6 Islamabad-MUSARRAT GIRLS HOSTEL0336 2222614
Hostels in F-10 Islamabad-REHMAN GROUP OF GIRLS HOSTEL0300 5356238
Hostels in G-6 Islamabad-ESHBAL GIRLS HOSTEL 0324 4228950
Hostels in G-8 Islamabad-SHANI BOYS HOSTEL
0333 5444712
0349 9864110
Hostels in G-9 Islamabad-ALKHAIR BOYS HOSTEL
0332 9424101
0315 7717678
Hostels in G-10 Islamabad-BOYS HOSTEL
0332 7617777
0336 0016205
0323 5331462
Hostels in G-11 Islamabad-BIBH BOYS HOSTEL
0300 7812361 
0336 5119603
Hostels in G-13 Islamabad-AYFA GIRLS ELITE HOSTEL 0346 5401220

Hostels Near Comsats Islamabad


Location: Near Comsat University, Chak Shehzad, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 9,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0333 8931184

Awanian Girls Hostel provides the best accommodation for students and working ladies. The size of the hostel is 10 marla ground floor. It is well furnished with an attached bathroom. The mess and bills are included in the stated rent per month. Each room has three beds for triplet sharing. Other amenities include an air-conditioned room along with wifi and electricity back-up. This hostel is a secure place for girls as they have security guards always on duty. 


Location: Street # 1, Lane 10, Royal Avenue Park Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 9,500 – PKR 22,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0306 9888551

Wazir Group of Hostels is one of the best choices in Islamabad suitable for both boys and girls. They have a well-working website for online bookings and details. They have 4 different room types and rent depends on the type of room occupied. They offer single, double, triple, and quadruple bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The amenities include wifi, quality meals, electricity backup, cooling, and a heating system. 

Hostels Near Air University Islamabad


Location: House # 418-C, Street 20, E-11/4, Islamabad

Rent: Contact for Rent Details

Contact Details: 0321 5152709

Edison Boys Hostel is one of the best hostels for students of Air University as well as professionals. They offer neat and clean furnished and carpeted rooms with attached bathrooms. They also provide wifi, meals, unlimited laundry, and a secure environment. Power back-up is available in case of load-shedding. 


Location: House # 664, Street 42, E-11/3, Islamabad

Rent: Contact for Rent Details

Contact Details: 0315 4888561

Grace Girls Hostel is a place for all females just like home. They have shared and private rooms with attached baths. Sharing occupancy is two up to 5 persons and all rooms are air-conditioned. The rooms are well-furnished, decorated, and carpeted. Security is given special importance. They have a common kitchen and sitting room. Other amenities include free wifi, TV, and quality meals. 

Hostels Near Bahria University Islamabad


Location: House # 29-A, Street 2, F-8/3, Islamabad

Rent: Contact for Rent Details

Contact Details: 0322 4085868

Laiba Girls Hostel is a good option for girls in F-8 Islamabad. The hostel offers a safe and secure environment for females with clean and comfortable accommodation. Basic facilities like free wifi, power backup, and quality meals are included in the rent. The hostel is equipped with modern infrastructure and carpeted rooms. Along with that, they also provide pick and drop facilities for all. 


Location: House 9-b, Street 30, F-8/1, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 16,000 – 26,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0300 0500027

Nazzal Girls Hostel offers a serene environment for female students and professionals coming from various parts of the country. They have 1 to 4-bed rooms all having attached bathrooms. The hostel offers affordable and secure AC accommodation with amazing facilities like a TV lounge, wifi, and fresh meals.


Location: House # 9-A, Street 18, F-8/2, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 13,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0323 5005653

Live With Style is a boys hostel near Bahria University. Students studying in the university can avail with an accommodation facility providing shared and private rooms. The hostel offers 3 times quality meals, internet facility, laundry, and utility bills covered. They maintain standards of cleanliness and have a snooker table for entertainment. They also provide pick and drop services. 

Hostels in I-8 Islamabad


Location: House # 421, Street # 36, I-8/2, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 10,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0332 7617777 

Islamabad Hostel is the boys-only hostel located in I-8 Islamabad. The size of the hostel is 5 marla ground floor. The occupancy available is for double and quadruple sharing as they have 2 and 4 beds rooms. All rooms have an attached bathroom and mess included in the rent. However, bills are not included in the rent. Amenities include wifi, electricity back-up, TV, and kitchen. 


Location: House # 897, Street no. 90, I-8/4, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 9,500 per Month

Contact Details: 0332 8852765

Shaheen Boys Hostel in Islamabad is furnished accommodation. They provide quality meals 3 times a day along with other facilities like Wifi, carpeted rooms, and a home-like environment. It is the best choice for the students and jobholders. The hostel’s area is 10 marla and occupancy of 2 to 4-beds. 

Hostels in I-9 Islamabad


Location: Plot No. 236, Street No.6, Sector I-9/2, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 20,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0301 5698814

Aroma Boys Hostel is a well-furnished hostel located in I-9. It is one of the great hostels located in Islamabad for boys. It is a decent hostel having all facilities including UPS, 24/7 Internet facility, Food, Laundry, and many more. Rooms have attached bathrooms and rent includes bills. Mess is not included, however, there is a common kitchen. 

Hostels in F-6 Islamabad


Location: F-6 near supermarket, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 11,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0336 2222614

Musarrat Girls Hostel located in F-6 is a trusted place for students and working ladies. The hostel is situated in a 10 marla area with 2 to 4 beds fully furnished rooms with attached baths. Bills and messing are not included in this rent. However, they have a common sitting and kitchen accessible to everyone. They have an electricity backup, security guards, and CCTV cameras for added security. They also provide pick and drop service for all.  

Hostels in F-10 Islamabad


Location: Street 40, F-10/4, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 11,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0300 5356238

Rehman Group Of Girls Hostel is an excellent accommodation facility for working females as well as students coming from various cities. The hostel covers an area of 1 canal, and inclusion of bills and messing in the monthly rent. Other amenities include furnished rooms, free wifi, security, and attached bathrooms.

Hostels in G-6 Islamabad


Location: Street 74, G-6/4, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 11,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0324 4228950

Eshbal Girls Hostel in G-6, Islamabad is a luxurious hostel with furnished rooms and an outdoor sitting and lawn. The hostel has AC and heating facilities along with carpeted rooms. Other amenities include hot/cold water, Wifi, and filtered water availability. It is situated at an ideal and secured location. 

Hostels in G-8 Islamabad


Location: G-8, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 10,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0333 5444712

Shani Boys Hostel is a well-facilitated and furnished hostel. They are providing luxurious facilities like 3 times healthy meals, internet/wifi, furnished rooms with attached baths, laundry facility, fully secured environment, air conditioner, and CCTV cameras. 


Location: G-8 Markaz, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 15,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0349 9864110

Saibaan Boys Hostel is another good accommodation option for boys in G-8. The hostel is equipped with furniture including a study desk and chair. There is a common bathroom, kitchen, and ironing area. Along with that, they offer filtered water, and power back up. AC and heating systems are allowed with extra charges. The rooms are available for single up to 6 person sharing.

Hostels in G-9 Islamabad


Location: G-9/1, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 8,500  per Month

Contact Details: 0332 9424101

Alkhair Boys Hostel is a good option for accommodation with all facilities in reasonable packages. The hostel is built on a 10 marla area having shared and private rooms. The bills and meals are not included in the monthly rent. The condition of the rooms is quite well with attached baths. They have the facilities of free wifi, a TV lounge, kitchen, laundry, and power backup. 


Location: G-9, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 12,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0315 7717678

Al-Huda Girls Hostel, located in G-9, is a furnished hostel with carpeted rooms, availability of wifi, and a peaceful environment. They provide organic quality meals for hostelers making it one of the best places to live in Islamabad especially for students and professional females. The hostel has a covered area of 10 marlas and the rent includes bills and mess facilities.

Hostels in G-10 Islamabad


Location: House # 265 Street # 69 G-10/3 Islamabad

Rent: PKR 10,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0332 7617777

Boys Hostel, located in G-10 Markaz, is a great option for students as well as working males. The size of this hostel is 10 marlas and has rooms with an occupancy of 2 beds. All rooms have attached bathrooms. The best thing about this hostel is that it houses a pool and gym. Not just that, they also allow pets. Bills are included in the rent; however, the mess is not included, and there are kitchen and laundry facilities. Other amenities include wifi, a TV, and a doorman. 


Location: House # 265, Street 69, G-10/3, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 9,000 – PKR 14,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0336 0016205

Shalimar Group of Hostels is a chain of hostels for boys in different sectors of Islamabad. Their main hostel located in G-10 offers calm and professionally maintained shared and private rooms with attached bathrooms. Mess and bill charges are included in the monthly rent. Facilities like free wifi, kitchen, laundry, and TV are available. Heating and cooling systems are present depending on the weather conditions and guards ensuring a secure environment.


Location: G-10, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 11,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0323 5331462

Bismillah Boys Hostel is a magnificently furnished hostel. They are providing facilities like Wifi, laundry, cable, and 3 times quality foods, etc. This hostel is an ideal choice for boys looking forward to living comfortably in Islamabad. 

Hostels in G-11 Islamabad


Location: Main service road (west) G-11/1, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 9,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0300 7812361 

Bibh Boys Hostel is an affordable hostel providing excellent accommodation. This hostel is situated on a 10 marla area, fully furnished with attached baths. The rent includes quality meals and occupancy of the rooms is 2 to 4 persons. They offer facilities like electricity backup, hygienic rooms, two meals, free internet, a TV lounge, and laundry facilities. 


Location: G-11, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 12,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0336 5119603

Falah Girls Hostel situated in G-11 Islamabad is a well-furnished and facilitated hostel. It is the nearest point to NUST, NUML, Islamic International University, and FAST. They are providing luxurious facilities for females like wifi, filter water, a clean environment, two meals, and much more. It is the best place for students and professional females. 

Hostels in G-13 Islamabad


Location: Street 136, G-13/4, Islamabad

Rent: PKR 10,000 per Month

Contact Details: 0346 5401220

AYFA Girls Elite Hostel is providing a luxurious environment for girls from nearby universities. They have well-furnished rooms with attached bathrooms having hot and cold water. The hostel is providing Wifi, a hygienic meal 3 times a day, a gym, and a table tennis court, all covered in the rent. 

We have tried our best to include as many hostels in Islamabad to make your search easier. If you think we have missed out on any, do let us know and we will update the article.

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