12 Luxury Hotels in Hunza Valley Pakistan: Rent & Contact Details

hotels in Hunza

Hunza is also known as Heaven on Earth. It is a beautiful mountainous valley that is located in the province of Gilgit Baltistan. The valley offers mesmerizing natural views and attractions for travelers. 

The major attractions of the valley are:

  • Altit Fort
  • Baltit Fort
  • Attabad Lake
  • Hussaini Hanging Bridge
  • Passu Glacier
  • Hunza River
  • Eagle’s Nest

12 Best Hotels for Stay in Hunza with Family and Friends

If you are planning on visiting Hunza Valley and looking for hotels in Hunza, listed below are the 12 top-notch hotels for stay in Hunza, along with their price & point of contact info. 

#Hotels in Hunza Rent Per DayContact Info
1Darbar Hotel HunzaStarting Price Rs. 12,0000313 4501770
2Serena Hotel HunzaStarting Price Rs. 9,000(058134) 57660
3Luxus Hotel HunzaStarting Price Rs. 23,5000343 5151913
4Eagle’s Nest Hotel HunzaStarting Price Rs. 9,500(058134) 57583
5Embassy Hotel HunzaStarting Price Rs. 6,500(058134) 57001
6Hunza Marcopolo InnStarting Price Rs. 8,0000346 5431267
7Mulberry HotelStarting Price Rs. 6,000(058134) 57537
8Hunza Continental PalaceStarting Price Rs. 6,500(058134) 57247
9Hunza Glamping ResortStarting Price Rs. 15,0000355 4257777
10Baltit Heritage Inn Starting Price Rs. 6,0000344 4010489
11Hunza LoungeStarting Price Rs. 12,0000313 5301132
12PTDC Motel HunzaStarting Price Rs. 7,500(058234) 57069

Darbar Hotel Hunza

Hunza Darbar Hotel is located in Karimabad, in close proximity to Altit and Baltit Forts. The hotel is standing at the base of magnificent mountains, having three floors with a lobby each. The lobby has a traditional carpeted floor that adds to the cultural value of the place. The rooms are spacious, offering a wonderful view of the beauty of Hunza. The restaurant offers traditional and international cuisines for its guests. 

Room Type:

  • Standard Room
  • Deluxe Room

Rent Per Night: Starting Price Rs. 12,000

Contact Info: 0313 4501770

Serena Hotel Hunza

Serena Hotel Hunza is located in the town of Karimabad, offering an astounding view of the city. It rests at the foot of Mount Ultar giving views of the lush green fields and Hunza river. The rooms are spacious and built with all the basic necessities. The rooms are styled modern with a touch of traditional Kashmiri heritage. The on-site restaurant has various cuisines along with bar-b-q services on the lawn. 

Room Type:

  • Standard Room
  • Tent
  • Deluxe Room

Rent Per Night: Starting Price Rs. 9,000

Contact Info: (058134) 57660

Luxus Hotel Hunza

Luxus Hotel Hunza is a 5-star luxury resort located at Attabad lake. Guests can relax while enjoying the panoramic lake views. The resort offers high-quality services making it one of the memorable experiences for the guests. A truly wonderful elite stay inspired by the endless blue colors of the sky and the lake. 

Room Type:

  • Presidential Suite
  • Panoramic Suite
  • Attabad Lake View 
  • Infinity Lake View
  • Lake View Room

Rent Per Night: Starting Price Rs. 23,500

Contact Info: 0343 5151913

Eagle’s Nest Hotel Hunza

Eagle’s Nest Hotel is located at the highest point, overlooking Hunza valley and surrounded by Karakoram Mountains. The building is made from stone and wood and stands intact in place. The hotel is in close proximity to Baltit Fort. The rooms offer a great viewing experience and some have balconies attached to them. They have an on-site restaurant and a fruit garden. 

Room Type:

  • Executive Deluxe Rooms
  • Deluxe Rooms
  • Interconnecting Family Executive Room
  • Interconnecting Family Deluxe Room Single Terrace
  • Interconnecting Family Deluxe Room Twin Terraces
  • Interconnecting Presidential Suite Room
  • Standard Rooms

Rent Per Night: Starting Price Rs. 9,500

Contact Info: (058134) 57583

Embassy Hotel Hunza

Embassy Hotel Hunza nestles in the heart of Hunza. It is a depiction of a modern oasis of comfort and luxury along with the unique characteristics of a Hunza valley. The hotel has a number of rooms available along with a restaurant that offers traditional and local cuisine. Every room is well styled with standard amenities accessible. Guests can also enjoy the rooftop dinner with mesmerizing views of the snow-covered Rakaposhi mountain.

Room Type:

  • Standard Room
  • Deluxe Room
  • Family Suite

Rent Per Night: Starting Price Rs. 6,500

Contact Info: (058134) 57001

Hunza Marcopolo Inn

Hunza Marcopolo Inn is situated at the Gojal and offers a mesmerizing view of the Karakoram Range as well as Batura Glacier. This hotel is a cozy small place styled traditionally with local staff who are welcoming. The rooms are tastefully furnished with attached bathrooms and carpeted floors. The on-site restaurant offers traditional and international cuisines to its guests. They also have a garden where guests can spend time and eat with an amazing view. 

Room Type:

  • Standard Room
  • Deluxe Room

Rent Per Night: Starting Price Rs. 8,000

Contact Info: 0346 5431267

Mulberry Hotel

Mulberry Hotel is located at the main bazaar in Karimabad making it an ideal place easily accessible to tourists. It is a great place for family stays. The rooms are modestly furnished with standard amenities. The restaurant at the hotel prepares traditional as well as international cuisines. The food can be enjoyed outside in the garden while deeply immersed in the amazing views. 

Room Type:

  • Standard Room

Rent Per Night: Starting Price Rs. 6,000

Contact Info: (058134) 57537

Hunza Continental Palace

Hunza Continental Palace is located in the mid-city, with a three-story long building housing ample rooms. It is an ideal option for guests looking for a budgeted place with all standard amenities available. The hotel is near to the market, restaurant, and shops for guests to roam around. Rooms come with balconies giving a panoramic view of the mountains. They also have an on-site restaurant. 

Room Type:

  • Standard Room

Rent Per Night: Starting Price Rs. 6,500

Contact Info: (058134) 57247

Hunza Glamping Resort

If you wish to experience nature in an utterly beautiful place, Hunza Glamping Resort is the ideal place for you. Enjoy the life of adventure by staying in an igloo while camping in the mountains. The resort is making your wish to stay at an igloo come true, also providing a comfort zone. Enjoy the nights under a dreamy sky in a safe and secure environment. 

Room Type:

  • Diran Dome
  • Ultar Dome
  • Rakaposhi Dome
  • Baltit Dome
  • Altit Dome

Rent Per Night: Starting Price Rs. 15,000

Contact Info: 0355 4257777

Baltit Heritage Inn

Another budgeted hotel, Baltit Heritage Inn is located in Karimabad. The hotel has a natural vibrant location and has a number of rooms with access to basic amenities. The rooms are styled locally providing an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. Each room also has an outside seating area to enjoy the views.

Room Type:

  • Small Double Room
  • Basic Triple Room
  • King Room with Balcony
  • Family Room

Rent Per Night: Starting Price Rs. 6,000

Contact Info: 0344 4010489

Hunza Lounge

Hunza Lounge is located in the lush green fields with a terrace accessible to each room. The rooms are well-furnished, some of them provide lake views. Guests during their stay at the hotel can enjoy Asian cuisine. The area is also famous for trekking; guests can go for long hikes during their stay. 

Room Type:

  • Family Suite

Rent Per Night: Starting Price Rs. 12,000

Contact Info: 0313 5301132

PTDC Motel Hunza

PTDC Motel Hunza is a beautiful cottage-like building that offers a comfortable stay for its guests. The hotel offers a mesmerizing view of the mountains and Nagar valley. Rooms are furnished tastefully with all amenities available. The restaurant at the hotel serves a variety of cuisines. This is a great place for tourists to unwind and relax.

Room Type:

  • Family Suite

Rent Per Night: Starting Price Rs. 7,500

Contact Info: (058234) 57069

Final Words

This is the complete list of the best hotels for staying at Hunza. I hope it will be easy for you all to decide your next stay at one of these hotels. 

For those who have already stayed at one of these hotels, do let us know your experiences in the comments section.