How to Become a Foodpanda Rider in Pakistan

How to become a foodpanda rider

FoodPanda is one of the best platforms for food and grocery delivery in Pakistan and around the world. It is the best and efficiently working service in the country. FoodPanda has opened gates for job opportunities for people who are not literate enough to earn for themselves or their families. A FoodPanda rider does not need to be qualified to take up this opportunity. There are simple requirements that need to be fulfilled before qualifying for this role. 

The FoodPanda rider job is pleasant rather than annoying. The company facilitates its employees in every way possible. Employees are able to choose their own suitable time of working as a rider and training is provided on how to deal with customers. This is indeed a great opportunity for the unemployed as well as students. The job role includes accepting the order requests, picking up food orders or grocery orders from different hotels and houses from across the city of operation, and delivering them to the customer. 

How to Become a Foodpanda Rider

How to Become a Foodpanda Rider

Are you looking for a flexible job to work along with everything else? Download the FoodPanda Rider app and apply for the job. The instructions below will help you on how to become a FoodPanda rider. Pretty soon, you will be earning a handsome amount to support your and your family’s needs. 

How to Register 

How to Become a Foodpanda Rider

1. Download the FoodPanda Rider app.

2. Register yourself through the app or official website by uploading the required documents. 

3. FoodPanda will verify all the documents provided and will contact you within 24 – 48 hours for further action. 

4. After verification is complete, you will receive confirmation in the form of SMS/Call/Email. 

5. Once registered, FoodPanda will provide you with the rider ID and password.

6. Log in to the FoodPanda Rider app with your credentials. 

7. Select your zone of work.

8. Define your shifts for the whole week every Wednesday.

9. Appear online and wait for the order requests.

10. Once you receive the order request:

  • Accept the order
  • Pick it up from the pickup location
  • Follow the timings
  • Deliver the order to the destination

Registration Requirements for a FoodPanda Rider

The registration requirements for the Foodpanda rider are fairly simple and straightforward. The riders get registered within no time. 

  • An Android phone (4.2. or newer) or an iPhone 4s (or newer) version
  • Motorcycle
  • Driving Licence
  • Valid CNIC 
  • Jazz Cash Account
  • Jazz SIM
  • Above 18 years of age
  • GPS enabled mobile phone
  • Reference 
  • Electricity bill copy
  • Picture

After the registration is completed, the company provides the following essentials to the rider:

  • Delivery box
  • T-shirt
  • Cap
  • Raincoat

Payment Method 

Once the riders deliver the order to the customer, they have two payment options: 

  • Pay online for the order
  • Cash on delivery

Riders need to deposit the money earned for the day every night before 12 am through Jazz Cash or HBL against rider ID to the Foodpanda account. 

Benefits of Working as a FoodPanda Rider

These include: 

  • Flexible timings: full-time, part-time, selective days
  • Operate in your own zone
  • Use your own motorbike
  • Use your own mobile phone

Apply for the job now and start earning while you exercise!

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