8 Ways You Can Earn Money From Snack Video Application

how to earn money from snack video, ways you can earn money from snack video application.

Snack Video is a video-making and sharing app based in Singapore. It is owned by a popular Chinese software company Kuaishou Technology, which is backed by the Chinese Internet conglomerate Tencent. 

Snack Video is viewed by consumers as a Tik Tok alternative with one major difference, Snack Video enables you to earn money through coins. Snack Video operates by making short videos/clips by using any music, dialogue, or dramatic scene in the background. 

8 Ways You Can Earn Money from Snack Video

Here we list down all methods that will help you to earn lots of cash from the Snack Video Application:

  1. Registration Bonus/Signup Reward
  2. Daily Bonus
  3. Sponsorship
  4. New User
  5. Invite Friends
  6. Sell Products
  7. Competition Rewards
  8. Sharing Content

1. Registration bonus/Signup Reward

The Snack Video application requires registration. This will give you access to existing videos and enable you to upload videos of your own. You can watch, like, and comment on the existing content on the app. Upon registration, Snack Video instantly gives you a Registration Bonus or Signup Reward of 200 points to have you well on your way to earning money.

2. Daily Bonus

Snack video also rewards its viewers for checking in daily through the Daily Bonus. It requires you to check out the Breakfast Videos on a daily basis and in turn, you are rewarded with points. Thus make sure you log in to Snack Video daily to earn your reward.

The Daily Bonus is distributed in the following manner:

  • Day 1   = +200   Coins
  • Day 2   = +400   Coins
  • Day 3   = +800   Coins
  • Day 4   = +200   Coins
  • Day 5   = +400   Coins
  • Day 6   = +200   Coins
  • Day 7   = +1599 Coins
  • Day 14 = +2399 Coins
  • Day 21 = +2999 Coins
  • Day 30 = +3999 Coins

3. Sponsorship

Uploading videos sponsored by companies for the marketing of their product/service online is a very lucrative method of earning cash. Snack Video being the latest platform to take the youth by a storm, all major companies want their products to be featured on the application. This is a very bankable opportunity for all content creators on Snack Video.

4. New User

To encourage New Users to explore the accounts and videos on the application Snack Video rewards its new users in 2 ways:

  • Like any 2 videos daily
  • Follow any 2 accounts daily.

This will enable the user to earn 100 points daily.

5. Invite Friends

Another method of earning money through Snack Video is by inviting friends to join the application using your referral link and code. This link is available in the application settings. When friends register to Snack Video using your referral code you can earn up to Rs. 140 to Rs. 200 per referral. The details of invite money that can be earned on Snack Video is given below:

  • One Friend: Rs. 190
  • Three Friends: Rs. 570
  • Four Friends: Rs. 760 
  • Six Friends: Rs. 1140
  • Seven Friends: Rs. 1330
  • Nine Friends: Rs 1710

To ensure that you receive the invite money, your friends must use both the referral link and referral code provided by you. In case of not using the referral code, no payment shall be made to the user.

6. Sell Products

Snack Video can serve as a marketing platform for a variety of products. Many users branch into e-commerce after they have built up a stable following. Products being sold through Snack Video include:

  • Clothes
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Services etc.

7. Competition Rewards

Snack Video holds various video competitions that are open to all registered users. Participating in these competitions can help you win rewards ranging from simple T-shirts to electronic items such as iPhones.

8. Sharing Content

A very profitable method of earning from Snack Video is to share videos with friends. This can reward you with up to 1000 coins daily. The process of sharing content is given below:

  • Open the Snack Video application 
  • Go to settings by clicking on the coin icon
  • Click on the options of ‘Share activity with your friends’

How to Redeem Coins for Money

The money earned in Snack Video is in the form of coins. It can be redeemed by following the steps given below:

  • Click on the option in the bottom right corner, click Profile Settings.
  • Click on the option in the top right corner, click Snack Video App Settings.
  • The App Settings will show the option to enter your mobile number. 
  • Enter your Jazz Cash Account or EasyPaisa Account number here.
  • A verification code will be sent to the above number.
  • Enter the code to register your Jazz Cash/Easy Paisa number.
  • Next click on the coin.
  • This will show your coin haul and their conversion to PKR.
  • Click on withdraw, this will lead to a new page.
  • You can now withdraw amounts ranging from Rs. 25 – Rs. 200
  • Withdrawl can only be done once daily.

Snack Video Coin Exchange Rate in Pakistan

The Snack Video Coin to PKR exchange rate is susceptible to change and fluctuations. However, the current coin exchange rate is: 

50 coins = 0.01 Pakistani Rupees. 

Thus in order to earn 1 PKR, you require 5000 coins and for 10 PKR you need 50,000 coins, and so on.


Snack Video is the latest online earning opportunity, while many fail to reap its full benefits you can use this list as a guide and be well on your way to earning a wholesome amount of money through your videos. 

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