How to Make Money on Instagram

Earn Money on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that is used by over 2 billion people monthly worldwide. The platform is not just providing entertainment, but it’s also a beneficial place for businesses, creators, and influencers. You can make a lot of money by using Instagram in the right way. Whether you are looking to generate small extra pocket money or earn large amounts, Instagram provides many authentic earning opportunities. So learn and begin your journey of earning from Instagram in 2024.

Four Ways to Earn Money on Instagram

There are multiple ways to earn money using Instagram. In this article, we’ll discuss the four more commonly used strategies to generate money. So below is the list:

  • Working with brands
  • Live Badges
  • Subscriptions
  • Create and Sell Products

Working With Brands

 By becoming an influencer (micro or nano), you can earn money on Instagram. It is the most common way of generating money by creating and distributing attractive material about the business and brands, in return, getting incentives and money. You can support a brand or business by using your Instagram post or story; this comes under sponsored posts or shouts. Now not only posts and stories are used for promoting brands, but reels also play a vital part in supporting the brand by including links to your services or website. 

Instagram promotions work for businesses due to their highly apparent nature of content. Probably a Nano Influencer can earn between $10 – $100 per post and have 500 to 10,000 followers, and a micro-influencer can earn between $100 – $500 per post and have 10,000 to 50,000 followers. 

If you are searching for brands to work with on Instagram, join the varying Influencer Marketplaces and tag your favorite brands. You can also email them directly with an influencer media kit.

Live Badges

You can now earn on Instagram with Live Badges, the latest feature designed to help influencers and creators generate income. During Live broadcasts, the viewers can contribute badges as financial donations. Badges can open a new path for influencers to gain money; badges come in three different levels based on the number of hearts purchased by customers. Viewers can buy one heart for $0.99, two for $1.99, or 3 for $4.99. Currently, the badges are accessible for all the creators in the US, and not all over the world. 

You must have a professional Instagram account and 10K+ followers to be eligible for the Instagram Live Badges.


The Instagram Subscription feature enables creators to acquire monthly payments from the followers who subscribe to it by creating unique content for their audience. Creators can get direct connections with the most enthusiastic followers while making money. Creators can generate monthly income from exclusive content and subscriptions and grow their businesses. 

Creators have access to multiple features by turning on the Instagram subscription, which allows them to offer exclusive, subscriber-only content:

  • ​​Subscriber lives
  • Subscriber chats
  • Subscriber broadcast channels
  • Subscriber in-feed posts and Instagram Reels
  • Subscriber Stories and Highlights
  • Subscriber badge icon

 Create and Sell Products

You can sell products on Instagram either made by yourself or purchased from the manufacturer. This approach requires you to have some stock in your hands to begin the business, so when the customers order any product, it’s ready to deliver. You may also require a storage space for your products, such as some empty space at home or a rented storage unit, because you need a space to place the products until they are delivered to customers.

You can sell the products directly through the platform by enabling the  Instagram Shopping features. Enabling quick and easy purchases by just tagging your products in Instagram photos to direct followers to your product pages.

Want to earn money while having fun? Let’s start the journey!

So our above-mentioned article dives you through different strategies to make money on Instagram while having fun.

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