Easy Steps to Register Your Restaurant on Foodpanda Pakistan

how to register a restaurant on foodpanda

Foodpanda is one of the largest online food delivery platforms operating in Pakistan and many other countries. This platform helps to bridge the gap between customers and restaurants and increases their visibility online to pool in more orders. Foodpanda lists various restaurants that get registered on the platform and run many advertisements and campaigns to promote them. Customers can easily find the choice of a restaurant by applying various filters like delivery time, cost, type of cuisine, and alike. Customers can get a fair idea of the restaurant’s quality through ratings and reviews submitted by other customers. 

How to Register Your Restaurant on Foodpanda 

Trying out the Foodpanda is not much of a daunting task. All you are required to do is to fill in certain details of the restaurant and you are all set. 

Steps to Activation

Step 1: Sign up online.

Step 2: Get approval from Foodpanda.

Step 3: Foodpanda sends the contract.

Step 4: Sign the contract.

Step 5: Receive a preview of your menu.

Step 6: Receive Foodpanda devices.

Step 7: Receive training through call.

Step 8: Go live on Foodpanda.

Advantages of Joining Foodpanda

  • More Revenue: With Foodpanda, restaurant owners can enjoy an extra source of income. This platform has numerous customers who keep on ordering food from the app. 
  • Dedicated Support: Foodpanda serves its users on every step, from the delivery menu and weekly reports to guidance on improving performance. 
  • Constant Flexibility: Foodpanda favors flexibility, restaurants can take orders whenever they are comfortable so that they won’t feel overwhelmed. 

How it Works

1. Download the Foodpanda app. 

2. Customer enters the delivery address to select a nearby restaurant to order food. 

3. Restaurant accepts the order via a tablet provided by Foodpanda. The food is prepared and picked up at the specified pickup time.

4. The Foodpanda rider arrives at the restaurant to pick up the order and deliver it to the customer.

5. Foodpanda provides feedback reports every month to keep track of the performance. 


If you are fond of cooking and would like to make a handsome amount by utilizing your cooking skills, Foodpanda brings a great opportunity for you. You can earn at the ease of your home with a Foodpanda home chef. 

how to register a restaurant on foodpanda

Advantages of Foodpanda Home Chef

  • A chance to earn more than PKR 50,000 per month.
  • Set your desired menu.
  • Select suitable timings and dates for cooking.
  • No need for any investment or external fee.
  • Only PKR 400 monthly listing fee and fixed commission on every order.

How to Register

Step 1: Enter your contact details and fill out the registration form. 

Step 2: A support team will contact you for necessary documents and a contract.

Step 3: Once the Home Kitchen gets live, Foodpanda will provide training. 

Step 4: Customers can place orders once the Home Kitchen gets live. You will start receiving order requests and notifications. 

Step 5: Foodpanda rider will pick up the order from your Home Kitchen and deliver it to the customer. 

Step 6: Your earnings will be deposited in your account every week by Foodpanda. 

There you have all the steps with you on how to register your restaurant on Foodpanda. Take the opportunity to promote your restaurant through Foodpanda and start earning even more.

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