Everything You Need to Know About Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Every year numerous people try to immigrate to various countries from Pakistan. Canada is one of the world class immigration service providers, offering multiple opportunities to those who are interested to travel there. Millions of people from all over the world travel to Canada on a yearly basis for work, visit, and education. Canada expects 1.5 million immigrants to embrace during 2024 to 2026, a major rise over past years. Those who are interested in getting permanent residence in Canada, there are three main categories, family reunification, economic immigration, and humanitarian reasons. You need to carefully complete the immigration procedure to stay in Canada.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

There are certain steps that must be successfully completed in order to immigrate, claim refugee protection, and get citizenship in Canada. This article provides you the overview about:

  • Immigration
  • Refugees
  • Citizenship

Immigration Process

Here you can learn how to immigrate to Canada, what kind of immigration programs are offered, and how to protect yourself against frauds. There are several kind of immigration programmes offered, as mentioned below:

  • Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers
  • Start-up Visa Program
  • Caregiver Program
  • Family-based Humanitarian Program

Express Entry

If you are a skilled worker and desire to travel Canada, then immigrate under express entry. In this immigration program a person is evaluated based on their education, talent, proficiency in language, and expertise. The candidate with higher scores has the opportunity to apply for permanent residence every two weeks.

Provincial Nominee Program

In the Provincial Nominee Program, you are invited by a Canadian province based on your skills, education, or having work experience that is beneficial for the country’s growth. The province could focus on entrepreneurs, students, and talented workers.

Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers

The Quebec province chooses the talented workers, having specific immigrant agreements with the Canadian Government, giving workers a permanent residence in Canada. 

Start-up Visa Program

Start-up Visa Program granted on the basis of starting business or creating jobs in Canada. Entrepreneurs with the best plan for proposed business ideas can establish their business there with the assistance of Canadian investors and obtain permanent residence.

Caregiver Program

In the Caregiver Program, the individuals can apply for permanent residence in Canada if they have acquired working experience in Canada, immigrate by children’s looking after, individuals with medical conditions, or the senior citizens.

Family-based Humanitarian Program

Permanent residents and Canadian citizens can sponsor loved ones to join them in Canada by using Family-based Humanitarian program. This category involves dependent children, parents, spouses, common-law partners, and grandparents.

Claim Refugees Protection

The Canadian Government has an asylum system for people having concerns of abuse, persecution, or death. It also offers a process to resettle refugees from different nations, for this purpose you need to register yourself for refugee status within Canada. Below is the multiple refugees programs that are offered:

  • Sponsor a Refuge
  • Claim refugee protection from inside Canada
  • Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot
  • Refugee Appeals
  • Protect yourself from fraud

Sponsor a Refuge

The eligible refugees get sponsorship from the private organizations under the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program. Refugees can usually have a 1 year sponsorship 

period. In the sponsorship period refugees have support of start-up costs, recurring monthly expenses for essential needs such as housing, food, and public transportation, and are given both emotional and social support.

Claim refugee protection from inside Canada

You have been given the opportunity to register yourself under refugee status in Canada if you have concerns of returning to your former country, facing persecution or being killed.

Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot

Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot combines economic immigration and refugee resettlement, giving opportunity to skilled refugees to immigrate to Canada under this program while companies have accessibility to eligible candidates for employment possibilities.

Refugee Appeals

You can file an appeal over the decision against  refugee protection in the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) launched on December 15, 2012. If the appeal is rejected, then you should return home or be removed by the Canadian Government.

Protect yourself from fraud

Protect yourself from immigration scams involving document fraud, marriage deception, alongside internet and email scams 


There are certain ways available through which you can apply for Canadian citizenship, study for the citizenship test, and preserve your Canadian citizenship. Here are several methods mentioned:

  • Apply for Citizenship
  • Citizenship test and interview
  • Oath of citizenship and ceremony

Apply for Citizenship

There are certain requirements that applicants must fulfil in order to become a Canadian citizen. The applicant has to be a permanent resident, paying taxes, be proficient in English or French language, have lived in Canada for minimum 3 years, and commit to a citizenship oath.

Citizenship test and interview

Most of the people, depending on their age and application, can give the citizenship test and interview. During the test you’ll be asked certain questions like rights and duties of the Canadian citizens, laws, government, economy and history.

Oath of citizenship and ceremony

The final phase to become a Canadian citizen, is to  sign the oath of Citizenship at a citizenship ceremony. Citizenship ceremonies are conducted anytime of the year across the country where parents get citizenship certificates for their children under the age of 14.

Are you planning to migrate Canada? Here’s the complete guide for you!

This article will provide you detailed information about the migration process to Canada, including the process to claim for refugee status and step by step guide for citizenship.

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