India Paid While We Are Living on Moon for Free – Pakistani Man’s Hilarious Video Goes Viral

India Paid While We Are Living on the Moon for Free - Pak Mans Hilarious Reply

During an interview with Real Entertainment TV, a passerby had an interesting take on India’s moon landing. 

When asked about India’s success, he said we are already living on the moon, considering Pakistan’s current situation. 

He asked if there was any gas or light on the moon, and the interviewer said no. To which, the man responded that Pakistan has none as well.

He also said that one day, Pakistan will take over the earth, as all countries will settle in space, and we will be the only ones left here. 

On a lighter note, we cannot deny the humor and the enthusiasm still found in an average Pakistani despite all the odds against us. 

Yet, the incident reminds us of how far we are compared to our neighbor, who won independence at the same time.

On the occasion of the successful moon landing by India, many Pakistanis congratulated them with open hearts and positivity. 

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