10 Expert Tips to Get the Most out of Influencer Marketing in Pakistan

influencer marketing tips

With the advent of influencer marketing in 2006, popular brands and platforms like Facebook have been using it to reach a larger number of audiences around the world. 

According to the influencer marketing hub, 9 out of 10 marketers consider influencer marketing as a beneficial marketing strategy. 

Therefore, you should consider influencer marketing as well for your brand. 

If you want to devise an effective strategy, here are 10 tips to get the most out of influencer marketing in Pakistan. 

What is Influencer Marketing? 

When you see a popular actor, athlete, content creator, or any public figure, endorsing or recommending a brand/product/service, that comes under influencer marketing. 

It’s a way for brands to promote their products and services, create awareness, improve sales, and much more. 

Influencer Marketing Tips

Below are 10 tips you should follow if you want to gain maximum benefit from influencer marketing in Pakistan. We have added expert tips with proved results. 

  1. Set Clear Objectives
  2. Research Influencers
  3. Ensure the Influencer Fits Your Brand
  4. Work with an Agency
  5. Timing is Key
  6. Promote Creativity
  7. Develop Good Relations with Influencers
  8. Test and Measure Your Results
  9. Offer Appropriate Compensation
  10. Ask for Testimonials 

Now let’s discuss each tip and how it can help you improve your influencer marketing campaign. 

1. Set Clear Objectives

When you start a project you must consider the exact goals and results you want to achieve. That way you can analyze the deviations from what you had planned and then you can make changes.

With influencer marketing, you need to understand what goals you want to fulfill and how that influencer can help you achieve them. 

You might want to raise brand awareness, launch or market a new product, etc. Whatever the aim may be, be clear on that and you will see increased ROI regularly. 

2. Research Influencers

There are many types of influencers out there who are excelling in various niches. There are mega influencers who have secured over a million followers and are at the top of the pyramid. 

Public figures like the Kardashians, Kevin Hart, and Cristiano Ronaldo are all examples of mega influencers. After mega influencers, we have a macro category with 500k to million followers on social media. We also have mid-tier to micro-influencers who have 500k to 10k followers. 

After that, we have nano influencers with a small fan base of 1000 to 10k. While you might think of targeting only mega or macro-influencers, your choice should depend on your end goals. 

If you want to target a smaller audience, considering nano or micro-influencers, can be a great idea! 

3. Ensure the Influencer Fits Your Brand

This is one of the most important steps to understand before you choose an influencer for your brand. While there are many options out there, looking into influencers, who work in the same or similar niche is the right way to go. 

If you choose an influencer who is popular but not from the same niche, you will fail to resonate with your audience who won’t be able to trust your product. 

To make sure the influencer is relevant check the influencer’s content and their audience to see if it’s a match or not. 

4. Work With an Agency

While it is optional, hiring an agency can have profound effects on your marketing campaign.

Marketing agencies have years of experience and know very well how to connect with influencers. 

Working with an agency can save your time and efforts and you can get much better results without the struggle. 

5. Timing is Key!

The social media world has become quite dynamic. From actors to politicians, and from scientists to doctors, every day there is something new that is trending, and staying up to date with those trends is more important than ever. 

Consider the Kardashian: Hollywood Game which was released in 2014. The game got very popular because the Kardashians were becoming a popular name at that time. 

Thus you should consider timing and trends when choosing an influencer. 

According to Forbes, you should pick the most popular and trending influencers so the audience and identity and relate to them quickly! 

6. Promote Creativity

When you are working in a team it’s normal for some to lead while some follow instructions. That does work in most situations but working with an influencer is a little different. 

According to crowdtap, 77% of influencers said that creative freedom is the number 1 reason to collaborate with brands.  

While the influencer is working for you, if you take control of the entire campaign and don’t let them use their creativity, that can be taken as undue interference. 

Plus, the reason why you are working with an influencer in the first place is to use their influence in your favor. If you don’t give them some control, you won’t let them use their full potential. 

7. Develop Good Relations with Influencers

Nowadays, you can use social media for multiple purposes like marketing, raising brand awareness, and connecting with influencers. 

Following influencers, reacting to their posts, and appreciating their content is a great way to engage with them and build long-term relationships. 

You can share their content and tag them, mention them in your blogs, comment regularly, etc. That way you will have stronger ties with influencers that will give you access to their audience. 

8. Test and Measure Your Results

When you have clear goals in place, it’s easier to test your performance and analyze any weak links. Track KPIs (key performance indicators) which are performance matrics based on your brand goals. 

If your goal is brand awareness, you should track followers on social media and visit your website regularly. 

If you aimed for improved lead generation, you should track sign-ups. Or, if you wanted higher sales through your campaign, you can again track them through unique links or through special promo codes that you share with the influencer. 

9. Offer Appropriate Compensation

You will find many influencers who will work for you for free products or discounts. While that is true, if you compensate them for their work, they will be more committed to you. 

Not only will they remain loyal to your brand for long, but they will also work harder and will be more dedicated to the promotion of your campaigns. 

According to the influencer marketing hub, you can expect an $18 return on every $1 you invest in influencer marketing. 

Thus offering a handsome amount to influencers will benefit your brand in the long run and will build a positive reputation for your brand. 

10. Ask for Testimonials 

In the age of social media, people check reviews and ratings before buying a product. As there are so many options around, it’s easy to make a bad decision or get scammed by fake brands.

Testimonials are a great way to deal with that as a brand.  With testimonials, you can prove that your brand offers high-quality products and services. 

When customers see positive testimonials of other customers and most importantly influencers they trust, they tend to trust your brand more. 

Get Started with Influencer Marketing Today! 

In this article, we discussed tips to get the most out of Influencer Marketing in Pakistan. We talked about what influencer marketing means, why you should set a plan before starting and why you should do detailed research on influencers. 

If you want the best results make sure you choose trending influencers as timing is the key to success! You should also continually build relations with influencers in your community through social media. 

To make things easy, you can work with an agency to save time. Lastly, make sure to compensate the influencer you have hired and ask them for testimonials.

We hope this article was helpful in understanding influencer marketing. Check out more content like this on our site.

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