Instagram is Testing a Way to Turn Video Posts into Reels


Instagram is testing a new feature to turn videos into reels. The experiment is being carried out with a selected number of users and soon every user will be able to experience the enhanced video experience.

Photo-sharing company Instagram has announced that it is testing a move to turn video posts into Reel-formatted clips.

As part of Instagram’s effort to make video easier to use, the company has announced a new feature that is now being tested with a small group of users throughout the world.

“We are testing this feature as part of our efforts to simplify and improve the video experience on Instagram,” a spokesperson from Meta was quoted as saying in an email.

An in-app notice that reads “video posts are now shared as reels” was tweeted on Twitter by social marketing strategist Matt Navarra, who is participating in the test.

Reel creators can use the original audio from your Reel if your account is public and you publish a video that ends up in a Reel. Your Reel will only be available to your followers if your account is set to private, it added. Additionally, the notification stated that once you submit a Reel, anyone can remix it if your account is open. Your Reels, however, can be protected in your account settings.

When the new Instagram Reel function will be rolled out to all users has not yet been announced by Instagram. However, what will happen to video posts that have already been posted on the social media platform has not yet been answered.

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