International Women’s Day 2022 – BreakTheBias

international women’s day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on 8th March each year to promote equal rights and opportunities for women. The event brings hope, joy, and a sense of equality and strength to women around the world. 

While women’s day has now become a norm, it wasn’t always a thing. To understand where the idea came from let’s go back in history. 

International Women’s Day – History

The idea of IWD came from a 1908 protest. In the protest 15,000 women in the US (New York) demanded the right to vote, short working hours, and better pays. Considering the protest the Socialist Party of America declared a national level Women’s Day the next year in 1909. 

Later on, women rights activist Clara Zetkin proposed the idea of celebrating women’s day at an international level. She presented her idea in 1910 during the International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen. 

During the conference, 100 women belonging to 17 different countries agreed to the idea unanimously. That led to the first International Women’s Day celebration in 1911

2022 Women’s Day Theme – BreakTheBias

Every year, women’s day follows a theme and a slogan. For this year the campaign theme is “Break the Bias” and the theme is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”. 

The theme aims to eradicate stereotypes and biases. We know that women face discrimination in various walks of life and are not recognized for their hard work and contribution. 

At work, or in educational institutions, many women are not given a healthy atmosphere to work and to study. 

If we want a future that is prosperous and bright, we need to make sure both men and women are treated the same way. 

To break the bias, this year’s International Women’s Day aims to promote gender equality in the community, in workspaces, in colleges, schools, and universities.  It hopes to bring awareness among women about their rights and that they should stand against abuse, discrimination, and manipulation. 

International Women’s Day 2022 and the United Nations 

To honor women around the globe, the United Nations will hold a virtual event on 8th March from 10:00 am to 11:30 am (UTC–5). 

Through the event, the UN aims to stress upon gender equality. It hopes to educate people about how men and women can work together to fight bigger problems like climate change, disaster risk reduction, and many other global challenges of the 21st century.  

Aurat March 2022 in Pakistan 

In solidarity with women across Pakistan, an Aurat (Women) March is held each year in major cities of Pakistan. The march aims to highlight issues of Pakistani women and demands justice for them.

The march aims to change the negative attitude and treatment towards women.

Happy Women’s Day!!! 

In the 21st century, a lot has changed for women. From politics to entertainment and from academia to entrepreneurship, women can now be seen in every sector imaginable. 

Although many women are deprived of fundamental rights, the fight for equality is still underway. We are sure that with strong women taking the charge, things will change for the better. 

To all women from all regions of the world, we wish you Happy Women’s Day!!!! 

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