Ramzan Relief Package 2024 Starts At Utility Store | Check the Discounted Prices

Introducing Ramzan Relief Package 2024 - Check the Discounted Prices

The holy month of Ramadan 2024 is around the corner, expected to begin on 11 March. In light of this auspicious month, the government of Pakistan announced a 7.5 billion subsidy for the Ramzan relief package, to lower the burden of increased food purchases. The government also allocates 145 million to awareness campaigns for the Ramzan 2024 package

The Utility Stores Corporations (USC) are responsible for delivering the food items at subsidized rates to needy people, across Pakistan.

Ramzan relief package was launched on 4th March, providing discounts on 19 basic food items, including flour, ghee, sugar, pulse gram, edible oil, rice, tea, white gram, besan, spices, milk, dates, and beverages.

The low-income families registered under Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) falling into the PMT-60 category rather than PMT-40, are only eligible for the specific subsidy.

There are approximately 200 million people registered on BISP, who will benefit from the Ramzan relief package.

Here is the list of subsidized rates on specific food items in the Ramzan package, along with their prices and discount rates:

FlourPKR 648 per 10 kg bag
SugarPKR 109 per kg
GheePKR 365 per kg
Cooking OilDiscount of PKR 25 per kg
Daal ChanaDiscount of PKR 25 per kg
Daal MoongDiscount of PKR 25 per kg
Daal MaashDiscount of PKR 25 per kg
Daal MasoorDiscount of PKR 25 per kg
White ChanaDiscount of PKR 25 per kg
DatesDiscount PKR 50 per kg
Basmati RiceDiscount of PKR 25 per kg
Saila RicePKR 365 per kg
Tota RiceDiscount of PKR 25 per kg
Rooh Afza/Other SharbatDiscount of PKR 15 per bottle
TeaDiscount of PKR 100 per kg
Packaged MilkDiscount of PKR 30 per kg
Baisan/Chickpeas flourDiscount of PKR 50 per kg
MasalaDiscount of PKR 10 per kg

An exclusive discount of up to 15%, would be granted to over 1000 food items, on the Utility Stores Corporations’ (USC), in honor of Ramzan Pakistan.

All the USC outlets would remain open as usual, throughout the month of Ramadan, for the convenience of the general public. 

If the public has any issue or problem regarding the Ramzan relief package, they can complain to the monitoring cell, formed at USC headquarters. Moreover, you can address the issue via phone call, through the helpline number “0800-05590“. 

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