Nawaz Sharif offered to become friends with reporter Kim Barker

Nawaz Sharif offered to become friends with reporter Kim Barker

In 2008, Kim Barker had an interesting encounter with then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, a leader of Pakistan’s Muslim League. She told the reporter that the interview was scheduled for just 15 minutes, but Nawaz Sharif showed a keen interest in talking to her. Nawaz Sharif’s team increased the time because he wanted to spend some more time with me.

She said, “At the start, it was a funny conversation with him. After some time, I realized he was asking me some questions about my personal life, and then I got conscious. She further said that He asked If I had any friends. I said Yes, I have alot of friends, and I have a good friend circle. He said, no, I am asking about someone very close, which means boyfriend. I was shocked because I was not accepting this type of personal question from the prime minister of a country. “

I told him, “I dont have a boyfriend, and I dont want it right now,” But he offered me an iPhone. He said I would buy an iPhone for you, through which ISI and SPY agencies of Pakistan can’t hear us. I rejected his offer, and I said I dont want any phone. At that time, my colleague entered the room, and Nawaz Sharif asked him to leave us alone for a few minutes. I really got so much uncomfortable, and I wanted to leave that room as soon as possible. 

Then, in that Last line, he said, “ I know I am not the taller or fitter you want. I am old and fat, but I still want to be your friend.”

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