KP Announces Unexpected Early Summer Vacations Due to Unusual Weather Conditions


Good news for all KPK students! The government has announced early summer vacations for middle, high, and higher secondary schools, starting on 12th June instead of 15th, as decided earlier.

Vacations will end on 31st August.

Unusual Weather Calls for Early Vacations

The primary schools had already been closed from 1st June. The govt notification stated that due to abrupt and unusual weather changes, the authorities decided to announce summer vacations earlier for middle, high, and higher secondary schools as well.

Ridiculed by the Public

The day the schools were closed on June 1, the temperature surprisingly went down, which led to people making jokes about the government’s decision regarding early closure.

A rainy spell caused the temperature to drop, resulting in low temperatures than expected.

Nonetheless, as weather predictions take into account multiple factors like temperature, humidity, precipitation (rain), etc., it’s never 100% accurate (an educated guess) and thus can change abruptly.

Therefore, it’s a wise decision to stay vigilant and allow young students to stay at home to avoid the scorching heat.

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