Laiba Khurram faces extreme criticism for her recent drama serial ‘Teri Chaon Main.’


Laiba Khurram is a well-known TikTok user, model, and now actor. She began her career by creating funny skits on TikTok. Her entertaining content grabbed the audience’s attention, and she got good engagement in no time. 

Laraib Khurram recently stepped into the limelight as the lead actress in the drama Teri Chaho Main, sharing the screen with seasoned Pakistani actor Danish Tamioor. The family-centric narrative delves into the love story between the two characters.  

However, the drama’s casting has not been well-received by the audience. Many fans have expressed their disappointment with Laraib Khurram’s performance as the lead actress, citing her acting as a major point of criticism. This negative feedback has been a consistent theme, with her expressions in every scene causing the audience to be outrage.

People also criticize the age gap between the two stars, which is pretty visible on screen. The audience reacts that their age gap makes this love story cringy and uncomfortable to watch. 

They say the drama industry is now avoiding good actors because they charge high fees, and they are appointing Titktoker as an actress because they charge less than senior actors.

She has also lost her audience and faced criticism on every post.

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