Latest Prices of Toyota Automobiles After Recent Price Hike

Toyota Raises Vehicle Prices in Pakistan Amid Inflation 


  • Toyota increases vehicle prices once again
  • Sources blame rupee depreciation for the cause
  • IMC advises customers to wait 3-4 months or receive a refund 

Amid rising inflation, Toyota has increased the prices of its cars, once again. 

According to sources the decrease in the value of the Pakistani rupee has made it difficult for IMC (Indus Motor Company Limited) to proceed with the current retail selling prices. 

Therefore, they have no choice but to pass on some impact to the market. According to IMC, order intake shall remain suspended until further notice by the company. 

Latest Prices of Toyota Cars

Below are the new prices of Toyota cars with old prices and differences for easy comparison:

#Toyota Vehicles New Prices (PKR)Old Prices (PKR)Difference (PKR)
1Corolla X 1.6 MT 4,899,0003,909,0009,900,00
2Corolla X 1.6 AT5,139,0004,099,0001,040,000
3Corolla X 1.6 AT SE5,639,0004,509,0001,130,000
4Corolla X 1.8 CVT5,679,0004,499,0001,180,000
5Altis Grande X 1.8 CVT6,149,0004,859,0001,290,000
6Altis Grande X 1.8 CVT6,189,0004,899,0001,290,000
7Yaris GLI M/T 1.33,799,0003,039,0007,600,00
8Yaris ATIV M/T 1.33,999,0003,209,0007,900,00
9Yaris GLI CVT 1.34,039,0003,249,0007,900,00
10Yaris ATIV CVT 1.34,209,0003,379,0008,300,00
11Yaris ATIV X M/T 1.54,309,0003,449,0008,600,00
12Yaris ATIV CVT 1.5 4,569,0003,659,0009,100,00
13Fortuner  2.7 G12,489,0009,959,0002,530,00
14Fortuner 2.7 V14,279,00011,459,0002,820,000
15Fortuner  2.8 Sigma 415,069,00012,039,0003,030,000
16Fortuner Legender Diesel15,839,00012,679,0003,160,000
17REVO G Auto 2.8 10,299,0008,379,0001,920,000
18REVO V Auto 2.8 11,349,0009,229,0002,120,000
19REVO G 2.8 M/T9,819,0007,989,0001,830,000
20Hilux E9,039,0007,359,0001,680,000
21REVO V Rocco11,990,009,729,0002,270,000

Rupee depreciation has hit the automobile industry very hard. Toyota has suspended bookings and has advised customers to wait for 3-4 months or withdraw their payments made for the vehicles. 

Despite collecting Billions of Pakistani rupees, IMC has been finding it hard to timely deliver the vehicles and is therefore offering refunds. 

While Pakistan’s economy has taken a hit during the last few months, harsh import bans can further deteriorate the situation. 

Although the government will soon unban imports of certain luxury items, the automobile industry is still under immense stress which can have dangerous consequences. 

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