13 Best Law Colleges in Islamabad: Fee & Admission Details 2023

Law colleges in Islamabad

A promising career in any field requires the right institute. An institute that is well-reputed, well established and has trained faculty can groom students to the highest degree. But, which institute is the best for you can be a tricky question. For that matter, we are here with a list of law colleges in Islamabad.

We have added all the necessary information, from courses to fee structures, hoping to make law college hunting easier for you.

Law Colleges in Islamabad

Below are the 13 major law colleges in Islamabad. Some of these institutes offer a range of multi-disciplinary courses, while some only offer law degrees. 

Law Colleges in IslamabadContact Number
International Islamic University(051) 9257988
Bahria University(051) 9260002
East & West Law College(051) 2114141
Islamabad School of Law0333 3110030
Quaid-e-Azam University(051) 90642020
National University of Science and Technology(051) 90856885
Universal College Islamabad(051) 2853178
The Institute of Legal Studies(051) 2855373
Institute of Law and Criminology0331 5036740
School of International Law (SIL)(051) 2211115
The Millennium University College(051) 4866181-87
Federal Urdu University(051) 9252860
Hamdard University Islamabad(051) 8840000

1 . International Islamic University

International Islamic University

The university was founded in 1980 with the aim of embedding Islamic ideology in the education system. It wishes to teach students how they can socially, economically, technologically, and politically impact the world with Islamic values in mind. 

The institute firmly believes that the Muslim Ummah needs skilled individuals and cannot move forward without quality education. It currently offers two degrees in Shariah and Law. 

Law degrees offered:

  1. LLM Shariah and Law (2 years)
  2. BA/LLB (Hons) in Shariah & Law (5 Years)
  3. PhD Law and Shariah Law (3 years)

Address: H-10, Islamabad. 

Contact Number: (051) 9257988

Admissions opening month: July

Admissions closing month: August 

Fee Range: 

  • BA/LLB: PKR 36600 (exclusive of hostel and transportation charges)
  • LLM/MS: PKR 40000 to PKR 93000 (exclusive of the hostel and transportation charges)
  • PhD: PKR 40000 to  PKR 84000 (exclusive of hostel and transportation charges)


  • HEC NBS Scholarships
  • PBM Scholarships
  • Scotland Pakistan Scholarships
  • EHSAAS Scholarships
  • Postdoc Fellowship 
  • Pakistan Bait-UL-Mal Scholarships 


The International Islamic university shares close ties with the following institutions abroad: 

  1. King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia
  2. Al-Azhar University, Egypt
  3. Islamic University, Saudi Arabia
  4. Ummul Qura University, Saudi Arabia
  5. Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University, Saudi Arabia


  • 5th by HEC (among large universities in Pakistan)
  • 351-400 by QS (Asia University ranking)

2. Bahria University

It was founded by the Pakistan Navy in the year 2000. It has since expanded and now is one of the largest universities in the country. The university offers multi-disciplinary courses and believes in shaping the future by grooming young individuals. 

Law degrees offered:

  1. LLB (5 years)
  2. L.L.M (2 years)
  3. LLM International and Maritime Law (2 years)
  4. PhD programs
  5. Diploma programs

Address: E-8/1, Shangrilla Road, Islamabad

Contact Number: (051) 9260002

Admissions opening month: May

Admissions closing month: August 

Fee Range: 

  • LLB: PKR 133,500 (exclusive of hostel and transportation charges)
  • LLM: PKR 113,200 (exclusive of hostel and transportation charges)
  • PhD: PKR 94,585 (exclusive of hostel and transportation charges)


  • BU need-based scholarships and student loans
  • Sponsorships
  • International Committee Red Cross (ICRC) Scholarship
  • EHSAAS Scholarships
  • HEC need-based scholarship
  • NTS need-based scholarship
  • Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF)
  • Sindh Endowment Fund Scholarship
  • Frontier Education Foundation Scholarship (KPK)
  • HEC Indigenous 5000 Fellowship Program


The university shares close ties with 43 universities abroad, some of which are: 

  1. University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
  2. University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
  3. University of Leicester, United Kingdom
  4. Montana State University Billings, USA
  5. University of Idaho, USA, etc


  • 9th by HEC (among large universities in Pakistan)
  • 451-500 by QS (Asia University ranking)

3. East & West Law College 

East and West Law College

East and West Law College is a small-scale college located in F-11. It offers a well-equipped library, a healthy learning environment, along with computer labs. The institute aims to deliver quality education through highly qualified teachers. 

Law degrees offered:

  • It offers a year LLB degree (3 years)

Address: Plot No.17, Street 60, F-11/4, Islamabad.

Contact Number: (051) 2114141

Admissions opening month: September

Admissions closing month: August 

Scholarships: available to needy students 

4. Islamabad School of Law

Islamabad School of Law

The Islamabad School of Law offers valued and recognized international law degrees to its students. It is affiliated with international institutes and has a strong network of high achievers and alumni. It aims to nurture young minds through the right knowledge of law and order. The institute believes in quality education and makes sure to deliver the best environment to students.   

Law degrees offered:

  • LLB 
  • Certificate of Higher Education (in Common Law)
  • LLM
  • Graduate Diploma in Commercial Law
  • Graduate Diploma in Law
  • Bar Transfer Test Training

Address: Sector F-8/2, House #15, Street 22, Islamabad.

Contact Number: 0333 3110030

Admissions opening month: Varies for each program 

Admissions closing month: Varies for each program 

Scholarships: need-based along with merit-based scholarships are provided by the institute


  • The university is a registered and reputed center of the University of London
  • It is affiliated with Edexcel Approved Center
  • It is affiliated with Leeds Beckett University

5. Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad

Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad

Quaid-e-Azam University is one of the best and oldest institutes in the country, founded in 1967. The law school in the university aims to promote legal education in Pakistan. The institute believes that only through strong knowledge of the law can we move forward as a nation. 

Law degrees offered:

  • LLB (5 years)

Address: University Road, near 3rd Avenue, Islamabad.

Contact Number: (051) 90642020

Admissions opening month: July

Admissions closing month: September

Fee Range: PKR 80240 for the regular semester (exclusive of category-C, one-time charges), and PKR 122,170 for the evening semester (exclusive of category-C, one-time charges)

Scholarships: Merit-based, need-based scholarships, along with fellowships, are available at the university. Some of them are:

  1. Minority Scholarship
  2. District Zakat Committee’s Financial Support
  3. Political Agent Scholarships (FATA)
  4. Balochistan/FATA Scholarship
  5. Sindh endowment fund
  6. Agha Khan Foundation Scholarships
  7. Balochistan Endowment fund
  8. Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation Lahore


QAU has collaborated with many institutes over the years, some of which are:

  • University of Jordon
  • Ball State University
  • Health Consortium of Canada (HCC)
  • POWER99 Foundation


  • 1st by HEC (among medium-scale universities in Pakistan)
  • 378 by QS best university in the world by QS

6. National University of Science and Technology

National University of Science and Technology

NUST recently started the LLB program in 2020 with the hopes of raising enlightened individuals with a strong knowledge of the law. NUST is one of the leading institutes in Pakistan and is considered the fastest-growing and the most progressive university in the country.

Law degrees offered:

  • LLB (5 years)

Address: Scholars Avenue, H-12, Islamabad. 

Contact Number: (051) 90856885

Registration opening month: August (NET-3 registrations begin)

Registration closing month: October 

Fee Range: PKR 176700 (exclusive of transportation and hostel and includes one-time security)


  • Need-based scholarships
  • Interest-free loans
  • USAID funded scholarships
  • EHSAAS Scholarships


NUST is collaborated with many institutes over the years and is affiliated with reputed organizations, some of which are:

  • International Association of Universities
  • Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN)
  • Association of Commonwealth Universities


  • 1st by HEC (Engineering universities in Pakistan)
  • 358th best university in the world by QS

7. Universal College Islamabad

Universal College Islamabad

Universal College Islamabad was founded in 1992. Since then, it has provided quality education, flexible programs, and opportunities to its students so they can become world leaders in the future. It offers 2 law degrees and is affiliated with international institutes like the University of London and Monroe College. 

Law degrees offered:

  • LLB (3 years)
  • LLM (1-5 years)

Address: House number 8, Street 21, Sector F-8/2, Islamabad

Contact Number: (051) 2853178


  • University of London
  • Monroe College

8. The Institute of Legal Studies

The Institute of Legal Studies

Founded in 2002, the institute focuses on legal education and nurturing future leaders. The institute only offers law degrees and makes sure to maintain high standards of education, providing students with healthy learning environments. 

Law degrees offered:

  • LLB (Hons) (2-3 years)
  • LLB (5 years)
  • CertHE Common Law (1 year)
  • Bar Transfer Programme (BTT)

Address: House number 36, Nazimuddin Road, Sector F -8 / 4, Islamabad.

Contact Number: (051) 2855373


  • Need-based: based on the financial status
  • Merit-based: based on academics 
  • Kinship: provided to the children of teachers and lawyers


  • University of London
  • University of Punjab

9. Institute of Law and Criminology

Institute of Law and Criminology

The institute provides degrees in Law and criminology. It offers its students high-quality education and makes sure they are well-equipped for their careers. The institute is known for academic excellence, with its students achieving great results every year. 

Law degrees offered:

  • LLB (5 years)
  • LLM (1-year)
  • Research Assistance in Criminology and International Law

Address: Block 49, Street 25, Downtown Giga, DHA Phase II, Islamabad.

Contact Number: 0331 5036740


  • University of London

10. School of International Law (SIL)

School of International Law (SIL)

The institute provides students with great distance learning opportunities through its spacious campus, productive environment, and skilled faculty. The institute makes sure students perform their best through quality teaching along with recreational activities. 

Law degrees offered:

  • CertHE Common Law
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (3 years)
  • Masters of Law (LLM) (1 year)

Contact Number: (051) 2211115

Address: Sumbal Road, F 10/1, Islamabad.


  • University of London

11. The Millennium University College 

The Millennium University College

TMUC was founded by the “Roots Millennium Schools Pakistan” group. It is the 3rd largest educational group in the county. TMUC aims to bring quality international education to Pakistan. By offering a range of courses, it strives to become a leading international institute. It offers diverse international degrees and skills, hoping to become the best institute in Pakistan, promoting borderless learning. 

Law degrees offered:

  • LLB (Hons) (3-5 years)
  • CERT HE (1 year)

Address: 68 South Street, H-11/4, behind NESCOM, Islamabad

Contact Number: (051) 4866181-87


  • Need-based
  • Merit-Based 
  • Talent-Based


  • University of London

12. Federal Urdu University 

Federal Urdu University

The university was founded in 2002 and is the first university to promote Urdu as a medium of teaching. The university offers a range of courses that includes a Law Department which strives to produce the best lawyers in the country. 

Law degrees offered:

  • LLB 
  • LLM

Address: Kuri Model Village, near Bahria Enclave Road, Islamabad

Contact Number: (051) 9252860


  • Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Scholarship
  • HEC Need-Based Scholarship
  • Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) Scholarships

13. Hamdard University Islamabad

Hamdard University Islamabad

Hamdard University was founded by Hakim Said of the Hamdard Foundation in 1991. The institute was developed to promote high-quality education. The institute offers highly qualified staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and the best learning environment. It believes in the Islamic system of education and aims to nurture individuals to a high degree of enlightenment. 

Law degrees offered:

  • LLB (5 years)

Address: Park Road, Chak-Shahzad, Islamabad

Contact Number: (051) 8840000


  • Merit-Based
  • Assistantship Concessions
  • Sibling Concessions
  • Need-based Concessions
  • Fee Assistance to employees of Hamdard University


In this article, we went through 13 law colleges in Islamabad with their relevant details and the courses you can find there. All these institutes are well-reputed and well-experienced in the law field. We recommend you go through in-depth research before finalizing an institute as every institute has its own criteria and a different vision. 

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